Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6.2.14 - Short Letter

Hello Friends and Family!

Such a great week!!!!!! Siski and I are learning so much from each other! Today’s letter is going to be really short because I really don't feel like writing and I need to figure out how to get my pictures from my camera to my thumb drive... so yea...

We had such a great week!!! McKayla and Lexie are doing so well!! McKayla came to church yesterday and is going to be going to girls camp next week!!!!!! Her baptism is scheduled for the 21st!!!

Ayo and Adi also came to church!!! They are doing so well!! We found out Ayo is married--- what the what!!!! Adi also has a bap date for the 21st!!!! so it is great!!!

We are also teaching a guy from Iraq and kind of teaching a family that only speaks Burmese... I don't even know now to spell it.... We got pamphlets in their language. We hope they will be able to feel of the message and that God will make miracles happen :) So great!!!

We have had many MEAN morning finds this week :( Been a little rough...
but so many miracles are happening! Our teaching pool is doing so well!!!! HARD WORK!!

HERE IS MY HARD WORK STORY FOR THE WEEK... SO, the 28th was my 9 month mark… crazy crazy crazy. So at nightly planning I told Siski.... “Well Siski, we are going to do it.... we are going to work our guts out and we are going to get 20 morning finds on my 9 month mark....... She nearly died...... Well, I am happy to report..... WE GOT 20 MORNING FINDS AND OUR 20TH ONE WAS AT 9:00 PM!!!! WE FOUND 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS AND LET’S JUST SAY.... WE LITTERALY WERE SICK THAT NIGHT. I JUST MOANED ON MY BED ALL NIGHT BECAUSE MY BELLY HURT SO BAD. WE WERE JUST WORKIN, WORKIN, WORKIN!!! AND IT IS GETTING HOT!!!!!!!

So, I know it is a short letter, but I am doing so great!!! Siski and I are doing amazing! Being bold and building a great relationship!!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Sisdaw

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