Monday, February 24, 2014

5th Transfer- Clovis, New Mexico

Hello Friends and Family, 
Well, let’s be honest really quickly........ We got here to the computers at 10:08. We had to try to find a computer....... when we did, none of them worked...... so ........ it is now 11:05 and i am just starting my emailing process.... I am a little annoyed right now. But it has been a crazy week...... 

We will start off with.......our Knocking Experience.
------ I can't even remember what day it was.... So we were knocking.... First, we went up to a guy weeding and we asked him if we could help him!!! (Love service)!!! He told us he knew exactly who we were and that we were wasting his time.... We JUST WANTED TO HELP! So we continue.... We are close to the end of the block and we see this guy walking with groceries. He sets them down to take a break so we go and talk to him..... When we get up to him (he is about 50-60's) he told us he had had a brain tumor and it looked like he had had a stroke that paralyzed his left side or something. Seriously, I don't know in what order we talked about all this, but here is what he thinks..... Jesus got to the Americas because the Chinese were extremely advanced and from my understanding of what he said they had created this Submarine thing. That got Jesus here... Then that Jesus never really died...... because it takes a few days to die on a cross and he was like "dead" in a matter of hours... (By this time we are helping him carry his food home--- like a Mile away). Then he pulls out the whole spearing his side and blood came out... *** Correct me if I am wrong, but water fell out meaning he was dead, right???**** And I told him that.... Hope that is real information..... Ha Ha Ha..... That got him thinking... Then he was saying that when they took him off the cross and he went to the tomb they put ALOVERA all over his back......... don't know why. Anyway, so we go though that... Then we talk about the Book of Mormon. We get almost done with the conversation. We are at his house by now. We told him we would bring him a Book of Mormon as soon as we got to the car...(because we are unprepared missionaries and didn't have one)............ We set up an apt for later in the week. As we say goodbye he pulls us in for a HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APOSTATE!!!! APOSTATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We leave with haste... forget that we told him we would bring him a Book of Mormon. Go about our business. The next day I remember-- OH STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE FORGOT TO TAKE A BOOK OF MORMON. So we run it over to his house. We are all smiley and stuff. As we say goodbye I put my hand out to shake his-- he beckons me closer.... I hesitate… he grabs my hand but pulls me in for a hug-- SMELLS MY HAIR-- TELLS ME I SMELL GOOD-- THEN KISSES MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY WE TOLD THE ELDERS IN OUR AREA ABOUT IT AND THAT THEY NEED TO TAKE OVER........................... SO WE ARE NOT TEACHING HIM NOR WILL WE EVER BE RETURNING..... STRESSED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like I felt threatened by him or anything, he was just weird.... 

Next great story....... We are Contacting. We see this lady just sitting in her car so we go up and talk to her... her leg is propped up on her open car door. She just had surgery on it. We are talking. We share with her a little bit. We ask her if there is anything we can do for her. She said "Ya know, just when y’all are praying, think of me and ask that my leg will get better soon so I can go back to work." We told her we sure would and asked if we could pray with her right there...... SHE TOLD US NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN TEXAS!!! EVERYONE IS WILLING TO PRAY WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were caught off guard, then she proceeds to tell us that it is dangerous to pray to another religion’s God if you don't know their religion well.... So we were just like...... well................ here is how we pray..... lay it out… and she STILL SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So weird... 
Then another man told us that we were wasting his time.... so awkward......
Those are my funny stories... 

This week was very hard honestly. I was thinking about the Conover’s quite a bit which led me to think about home. And thinking about home is hard, and when our teaching pool is VERY, VERY, SMALL that means you don't have many lessons-- meaning your knocking a lot. That just leaves to time to think... and I HATE THAT!! So, I had to do some “journal therapy" and pray. Then I was able to bounce back. 
Our only real, real, lesson we had this week was with Don. We had it at some members house! The Stubs-- and this is an awful joke but... His last name is ironic because he doesn't have hands... he has hooks.... ***Lightning 3,2,1**** But it went so great... Sadly, Don wasn't able to come to church because he had prison ministry. But he is still solid as ever! 

We didn't even get to see anyone this week :( it was very hard...... 

So, remember when I got my new set of scriptures and I was color coding all of the scriptures in PMG, and what not, in my scriptures.... Well, I would not recommend doing that!!! I don't know who made up PMG, but some of those scriptures you DO NOT SHARE WITH INVESTIGATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, for the past few days of studies I have been going though each tab so I can put more scriptures into my lesson plans and take some random tabs out!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is what I have been doing for personal studies!! 
Ha Ha Ha!!! 

Well, the ward I served in was great for one transfer, but it would appear, through my history, I open areas then get white washed out!!!!!!!!!!! So Brownwood has officially been closed for missionaries. And Shadow Hills got new sisters! Sister Turner is going to be in College Park!!!!! And I am going to Clovis, New Mexico serving with Sister Scott! She is from Australia and came out with Sister Turner! She has been in Clovis for a transfer... However, and I hate this... I am Sr. Comp :( ugh fish...  

I am very exited for the new adventure and that I get to go to NEW MEXICO!!!! SUPER HAPPY! 

I still love being here! Can you believe I am almost at 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeekkk!!!!!!!!! 1 year left! It really does fly! 

Anyway, that was a little about my week! 
I love y’all!!! 

Love Sister Dawes 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Brinne's Letter - Valentine's Day 2014

Well, what a week this has been!!!!!!!!! 

I really don't have much to report on! Valentine’s Day was so great! Family sent me some lovely things :) 

Okay, honestly I don't want to write today......... so..... good news of today!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO GO GET MY EYEBROWS THREADED!!!!!! IT'S BEEN NEARLY 6 MONTHS! 

PS 6 months!!! FLEW BY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Short things about everyone! 

Deloris- CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't get to talk to her very much after so we don't know how she liked it!!! 

Mitch (not a member) and his family(Less-active kinda) - CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We had a lesson with his family this week that went awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had like a testimony meeting and their oldest apostate son is moving here he should be here today! So we are going to try to help him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Don- CAME TO CHURCH AND LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone, we need so many prayers going out to him........ He wants to be a member however,..... if he does-- that very well could lead to a divorce..... please, please pray that his wife’s heart might soften......... 

Denise- is taking a break... she has work and family things that she needs to work out before she can continue...... 

David- we were able to teach him the POfS it went well. He wasn't able to come to church... Family please pray for sister Turner and I. We are having such a hard time teaching him because he doesn't react to anything and he doesn't talk very much. So we don't know if he is liking what we are saying, or if he is UNDERSTANDING  what we are saying... we need prayers to know what to do or what question to ask... He doesn't answer questions.... 

Thank you all so much! 
I am sorry this isn't a long letter, but I am just not in the mood lol :) 
The church is still true!!! 
Also................................... NEVER FALL AWAY FROM THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HEART BREAKING. We have been working a lot with less actives and it just crushes my soul...... so.... yea 

CTR ALWAYS AND ETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I love you so much! 

Sister Dawes  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Brinne's Letter for 2.10.14

Hello Friends and Family!

It's been such a fantastic week! 

For those that have prayed for our investigators, by name, thank you so much! Miracles really do happen :) 

HUGE NEWS FIRST! YESTERDAY IN CHURCH THEY SPLIT OUR WARD AND MADE A BRAND NEW WARD! So, I am not in the "Canyon West Ward." The work is hastening here in Lubbock! They are just splitting wards left and right! So many souls coming unto Christ! 

Here is an update on everyone! 

Christian sent us a text Saturday during weekly planning. Basically, she said she wants to stick with her current church. It breaks my heart to hear that because I sit and think, “Your parents kept you from the truth and now you’re not going to accept it into your life?” How sad! So we are no longer teaching Christian :( 

Deloris and Robert- We were able to have some very great lessons with them this past week. Deloris was able to get Sunday off.  However.... for some reason they didn't come. They wouldn't answer their phone yesterday morning and when their ride stopped by they didn't answer. So we went by last night and they didn't answer :( We will go by today. 

Denise- Yesterday we were waiting for her. Church started. We called –texted-- everything. Sacrament passed and we got this text. "Sisters, please don't be disappointed. I chickened out. I’ve not changed my mind. I got to the loop and Frankford and just went blank. I came back home to message you. And, I'm going to my farm to ride today. I'm so sorry-- weak me." 

We told her that it isn't too late and that she could still come. She told us that she had some questions. Everyone, please pray that we can help her get though her concerns. She has felt the spirit before but she needs help. Today we are going to go over to try and "break her iceburg" -- find out what the real problem is. When we got that text I started sobbing in church. Like real, legit alligator tears. That taught me that I really do love my investigators very much. Church is where they can grow the most. 

David Lacy- (I can't remember who I tell y’all about.) David so great!!!! We have been able to have 2 lessons with him. He keeps saying he has "bad luck." Well, this church can help with that! Bring a little more happiness into it! We have promised him blessings. We committed him to come to church and he agreed. We found him a ride. So Sunday we were waiting for the ride and him to show up. At about 9:05 (church is at 9) we get a text from the ride saying they can't find his apartment number. I didn't know what to do, so I tried to explain it. I assumed they would give up and come to church. No joke--- after sacramen,t and after I read Denise’s text, and after I started to cry, Sister Turner SEES DAVID!!!!!!!!!!! After church we were able to talk to the ride and they said we just kept feeling "he's waiting for us!" "He's waiting for us!" Sure enough he was. They knocked once.
 "Are you david" 
"Are you ready to go to church" 

For David, his mind doesn't catch on to things super quickly! Pray that we can help him understand the promise he is making to the Lord! 

Don- I don't think I have told you much about Don... Maybe I have... idk. 
We have had like 2 lessons with him. The first one we couldn't find any sisters in the ward to come with us so we asked SISTER AUGUSTIN TO COME WITH US!!!!!! MISSION PRES WIFE!! EEKKKK!!! It was one of the most spiritual lessons.) Don has done an extreme amount of research about all the wrong things concerning Christianity. He has dissected the Bible and found how things are supposed to be run and how Christianity is corrupt. He has written a book and everything!!!!!! He is so great.... Then we 2 missionaries come along, 19 and 21, and rock his whole world and tell him that he is so right with everything that he has seen, and what not, then add to his knowledge, and now, seriously, that guy is the most prepared person I have ever met in my life! He came to a baptism and he said everything was done how it was supposed to-- NOTHING WRONG. HE CAME TO CHURCH! LOVED IT-- EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CRAZY WITH BOUNDRY CHANGES AND OUR STAKE PRESIDENT IS A FIST- PUMPING PULPIT- POUNDING KIND OF A GUY-- AND I WAS UNCOMFORTABLE! HE SAID EVERYTHING WAS DONE HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AND HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Please pray that he won't feel the need to read the whole book of Mormon to know it is true. Pray that he will accept a date. He is so great! 

I don't have time to tell you about Mitch, but he is a part member/ less active family. He is 23 and is looking for change. He needs this gospel. Pray that the family will be able to meet with us more than once a week! 

The gospel is so true, and I love it so much! Have such a great week!!!!!!! 

With so much love, 

Sister Dawes 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter 2.3.14

Hello Friends and Family!
     I was so happy to get to many email this week! I wanted to read them all because I don't know how to print here..... so, I don't have a ton of time to write. 

I am sooooooooooooo happy to me on a mission. I just love being here. I just want everyone to know that! I know the church is true and I love my Savior. This gospel blesses families, and I think that is what I have been feeling over this past week. I am so blessed to be born into the family I have been born into. Just knowing how much knowledge we have is so amazing! 

Overview of the week!!!
IT SNOWED YESTERDAY!!!!! I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT! WHEN I READ “TEXAS” I THOUGHT “HOT”!!!!!!!!! I GUESS NOT!!!!!!!!!!! We had the Sister Training Leaders come on Tuesday to do exchanges! It was very great to be able to work two parts of our area to find more investigators!!!!!!!!!! We set 3 baptismal dates!!!!!!!!! 

Denise had a baptismal date for the 15th, but she called us Wednesday and told us that she decided to buy Super Bowl tickets last minute, and that she would be flying out Thursday morning!!!!!!!!! So....... we couldn't try and convince her NOT TO FLY TO NEW YORK!........... AFTER, SISTER TURNER AND I LOOKED AT EACH OTHER AND LAUGHED! ONLY IN TEXAS DO PEOPLE JUST DECIDE TO BUY TICKETS TO THE SUPER BOWL..... (By the way-- work last night (sunday) was very unproductive! The Super Bowl is almost as huge as Christmas..) When we would go up to a door they would say..... Ya'll are brave coming round Super Bowl Sunday..................!! 
We have to change dinises date to the 22nd 

Then Deloris and Robert have a baptismal date for the 22nd! 

This week was Zone Conference and President told us about something his son used to do when he was on a mission. He would send home an email about the people they were teaching and about what they need prayers for. President would print them off and keep it in his pocket and pray for them through out the day. I would like to invite y’all to do that--
so here is a little bit about what my investigators need:

Denise- She is such a great lady! She has such a huge desire to learn! This gospel is seriously what she is looking for and she knows it. The only problem is, we don't get to teach very much because she likes to talk.... so we (sister Turner and I) need prayers to know how to best teach her! We plan on talking to her today or tomorrow about expectations we both have for meeting with each other, and hopefully that will help! But seriously, she is sooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!!!!! She truly is a miracle sent from Heavenly Father! 

Deloris and Robert- this one is more difficult. They both want to learn so much! But they have had to cancel A Lot... and that is really hard for us missionaries.... Tonight we are going to talk about the Word of Wisdom and about the importance of the scriptures. Will y’all pray that Deloris will be able to get Sundays off so she can come to church. Robert told us this week that he is ready to be baptized, but we aren't so sure yet. So it would be great if all would be willing to pray that we can know how to meet his needs. :) 

Then my favorite number #2 story (Denise's is my first), 

While on exchanges we were trying some less-active families. A few weeks ago Sister Turner and I went to a families. The dad was at work the mom was sick, so we talked to the 22 year old daughter, Christian. We found out that she wasn't a member and that her parents didn't push religion on them. So we left it at that. Well, while on exchanges our plans all fell though. As I looked though the list I said.. "Well, I guess we can go to this families house." We got over there and Christian let us in. We tried to talk to the mom, and I really don't remember how everything changed, but Christian was like.... “I've always wondered what y’all believe.” Then goes on and is like, “What makes your church different?” Needless to say, we started teaching the restoration. Then invited her to baptism, (for some reason we didn't set a date) then in my heart I felt prompted to ask her to invite her dad to prepare himself to baptize her............. WE DON'T KNOW HOW THAT IS GOING TO GO, BUT IT WAS FROM THE SPIRIT SO...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH 
For her-- pray that we can get her dad to prepare, and that she will do what is necessary to learn if what we are teaching is true!!!! 

Little miracles every day! I just love being a missionary! 
We will be meeting with all 4 of them throughout the week, so pray that will all go through!!! 
If you also wouldn't mind praying for Jack, and Amy, and James.... I haven't heard from them :/ 

 I love y’all so much!!!!!! 

Have such a great week!!!