Monday, September 23, 2013

Brinne's 9.23.13 Letter (WEEK 2 in Texas)

Hello Family!

        Thank you everyone who sent me letters :) They are very exciting to read!!! I am sorry I won't able to respond to them --they came too late on Monday! But, you’ll get letters today!!

        Congradulations to Erica and Kenzie!! I am so proud of both of you! I am sure it was a great day for you!!!
         Congradulations to Keaden and Kenzie-- tomorrow is the big day!!! Thanks for the announcement-- it made me soo excited!!! Best of luck!!
        Aunt Nat, Thank you for sending me a letter! And yes, you have permission :)

Now for my week!!

This week has been full of tons of knocking doors and tracting in the park!
W-e have an older ward and lots of less actives, so we have been visiting them and trying to get to all of the members houses as well.

When we got here we were knocking a richer part of town. We met Amada there. I think I told you a little bit about her! We went and saw her again. She talked for 1 1/2 hours, and we said about 10 words!! But on Tuesday we have an appointment at her studio, and she is going to sketch us while we give her the discussions!!! Hee hee hee!! Very excited!!

We also were going through “formers” and I kept looking at a gal named Heather. We stopped by a few times and she wasn't there. We got her the other day and she let us right in! She hasn't been baptized into any church! (WEIRD FOR THIS PLACE) and she is willing to listen. I invited her to baptism… she agreed on Oct. 12. She didn’t come to church. She has to come twice so she can. I hope things work out with her!

The next one is Chris! She is an older lady kind of blind! She was a referral from the other sisters. She agrees with everything we have said, and Sister Clark invited her to baptism for Oct 5. She said she would pray about it. When we returned, she said she prayed about it and talked to her son (who went to school to be a preacher) and she didn’t feel like she needed to again.. didn't understand priesthood :( She didn't come to church so we will have to push her date back.

As we were knocking (it's not very successful here) we knocked into a guy named Bill-- old retired baptist guy. He invited us back but not really to be converted. Just to talk. We went back the other day, he let us right in! He said, "Well, my neighbor used to talk to missionaries and I was never interested-- they tried to give me a Book of Mormon and I wouldn't take it! Today, my wife asked me why I let y’all come back and I told her I don't know why." He is a huge jokester, so while we were teaching he would tell a few jokes! In the end we had taught him the restoration and we asked if we could leave a Book of Mormon with him and he said, “nah you best give it to someone who will read it and things.” And I just told him well we are going to mark a chapter and leave it, and if you want to read it you can and your life will change if you do. We handed it to him and we wouldn't let go. He is going to read it-- I know it!!

The next lady we knocked into --she is from Blanket, Texas! She is very Baptist!!! She wouldn't let us in her house so we just made friends with her and talked for about 45 min and she said we could come back so we did! We did the restoration. It's amazing to see people’s countenance change when we clear up all the misconceptions about us… like how we don't worship Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon in a record from the Americas ---not just verses from the bible in a smaller book!! Snd they show interest! she is a great lady!!! Things are going to go far with her!

We fasted Sunday! One of the things we fasted for were miracles! And oh boy did we see some! The first one, we were knocking a trailer park and we knocked on this guy’s-- he opened the door and he looked drunk! We introduced ourselves and he was like “I don't want anything—nothing-- nope –bye-- and he shut the door….. so we moved to the next. They didn't answer. Next thing we know this drunk guy is chasing after us. (Your blood pressure is rising isn't it!) Well this isn't that kind of story. He stops us and asks- "Do you have something I can read?" We gave him a pass along card and a Book of Mormon. He read our nametags and he said I've seen a tv commercial about that church. Give me 2-3 weeks to read this. We told him he didn't have to read it all and gave him a chapter to read. We are going to go back this week to see if he did! WOULDN'T THAT BE THE COOLEST STORY!!! I am excited to see where it goes.

The next one- we were at the park and this guy RUNS UP TO US....RUNS!!!! PEOPLE NEVER RUN TO US! THEY RUN AWAY FROM US!!! And he is like “what are y’all preaching about?” We tell him and we are going to go see him this week too!

The last one is awesome. It was late. We are in the park (we are in drug town) so it's time to leave! But Sister Clark was like, “we can't leave yet. Let’s keep walking.” So we did and we saw a younger guy. We introduced ourselves, did our little speal, and he was like, “I don't know if I believe in this I gave him a Book of Mormon. We all testified and we told him we'd give him a call. We started to leave and he stopped us and said "I was in foster care and they tried to shove religion down me and I hated that so that’s the way I am, but because of y’all I might not accept this right now, but you guys helped put me back on the right track!
We helped him out!!

Anyway, that’s all the time I have. I love you soo much!
I am sorry I can't send pictures... I don't know how to do it without sending one at a time???? I think it's the emailing system..

Talk to you next week!!!
I love you sooooooo much :)

Sister dawes
please send to grandma :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sister Brinne Dawes's First Area- Brownwood, Texas 9.16.13

Hello Everyone!!!!!
New address
1801 Slayden Apt. 3
Brownwwood TX, 76801

My district woke up at 1:30 in the morning to be at the airport by 4:30 or something like that! Our flight didn't leave until 6:30???? We waited for a very long time!! So truth is, we are the biggest group to ever come to Lubbock, Texas. There were 32 new missionaries!!! Safe flight!
We got to Dallas, Texas and were supposed to have only a 2 hour lay over-- then they found something wrong with our plane so we were there for 4 hours :/ I was able to talk to mom and dad, Derrick and Megan! No Nanny-- she didn't want to wake up :( but thats okay!
We got to Lubbock and were greeted by President and Sister Agustin and Elder and Sister Kelly (they know Margret Fielding’s family. They are related). They were great!
All of my bags made it here... not really in one piece, but got here and everything was safe.... I have a feeling they aren't going to be joining me back to Utah :( Sad day… but they will work for a few more transfers.
We then went to the church (when there weren't many missionaries they would go to the President’s house-- then it got bigger and they went to the R.S. room --now its huge so we had to meet in the Cultural Hall!!! It was awesome. We had meetings for a LONG LONG TIME! Ate dinner then we smashed in President’s office to see the transfer board. I found out I AM STILL WITH SISTER CLARK! I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!! WE ARE THE BEST OF FRIENDS, and we are being trained by Sister Dunham from Wahoogle, Washington. They told us she is the best! She is a sister training leader and is exactly obedient all the time. She has been out for 8 months and she also goes to byui! They then told us that we were going to be OPENING A NEW AREA! Then said to go load up in the cars! It took 2 suburbans, 1 van, and 1 15-passenger van to get us all around and the 15 van carried a huge trailer for luggage.
They took most of the sisters to president’s house to sleep. They dropped 4 of us off at our companions apartments to sleep at their house because they had been serving in Lubbock! So we met Sister Dunham that night! Slept great!

Went to more meetings then went to lunch then went to get our bikes! So sad story.... I brought my camera so I could download pictures, but I am on a computer so I forgot my cord to download pictures. Sorry :( but I have a pic of my bike! It’s very nice. We then met up with sister Dunham again and we went to say bye to her investigators and recent converts! It's amazing how much love she had for them and how much they loved her. It made me excited to get going.
Slept great again.

Wednesday we had to be at the stake center by 8:00 to get on the transfer bus... then we found out that... we weren't going on the transfer bus because WE REALLY ARE OPENING A NEW AREA! So we got to drive a BRAND NEW mission car down to Brownwood, Texas. About 5 hours south of Lubbock-- it is a very “druggie” place near the border.
Here is what is going on down here-
Brownwood has had missionaries here before (In fact, I think Cort Jenson served here) Ask him-- I would love to know. But there is an Asian family here that have GORGEOUS daughters and they are “Willie Temptresses” and... they were helping elders get sent home early :( So President took them out and put sisters here, but the area is SOOO BIG! That they need help to that’s what opening a new area is.. However, the sisters that were here aren't super exactly obedient so Sister Dunham, as sister training leader, is here to crack this place into shape. We split boundaries and found out we have NO NEW INVESTIGATORS, NO PROGRESSING INVESTIGATORS, NO NOTHING! And the ward consists of (they say 50, but as of Sunday we counted) 25 active members. (1 primary kid, and 2 YW and 1 YM.... 6 R.S. sisters.) The bishop is active, however his 1 and 2 are not active... THEY HAVE 16 PAGES OF MEMERS ON THEIR ROSTER!!!! 16!!!! THAT’S QUITE A FEW PEOPLE... NO ONE COMES...we found out that a lot of people don't come because they don't have rides and this ward covers a huge area... the bishop it trying to buy a bus so he can go pick people up on Sundays.... sad story, right???
We met the R.S. president. She is worn out and older. She is trying but it's sad.
The bishops’ house burned down a year ago so we met him at the house he is rebuilding Saturday. He is a good guy with real hope.
We also met the ward mission leader and he is very good! He has great ideas however, some of them I would like to argue but won’t.. (we all would like to argue them)

Anyway. we went and knocked doors Saturday in the richer part of town... None of them were happy to see us... only one lady let us in. Her name was Amada she is 88 years old and VERY catholic. She only let us in so she could show us paintings she had done... she talked for like 1 hour. We are going to go back. She doesn't believe there is a church that knows everything....
We had no success in the park doing Morning Finds (that is what we call finding people anytime though the day while we are not knocking). There were some very unhappy/ unkind people at the park. But we will keep trying.

We have been starting from scratch color coding our area and finding out where things are....
Sunday Sister Dunham was sick so we had to stay inside after church. So we called some old former investigators from 2005-2012. The majority of the numbers are wrong or disconnected. Nobody wanted to talk to us again. There were a few we didn't call because we had feelings we should just show up.

So that is that. We are starting from square 1. Sister Dunham is AMAZING! We do everything with exactness! The only hard thing is she is so confused about this place too--- so it is hard.

We are going to go bowling today, shopping (we have had spaghetti 3 times since we got here on Wednesday) OHHHHHH!!! BUT WE WENT TO THIS AMAZING PLACE CALLED UNDERWOODS! Oh my amazing!!!! $10 bucks for some great meat and unlimited veggies, cobler, salads...THE BEST!!!

Anyway love you all! That is my past week. We aren't teaching anybody or anything --just knocking doors right now... they will come. There is a prophesy right now saying that Brownwood will be a stake one day so.... success will come!

Love, love, love you and talk to you next week!
Ness, I haven't gotten your letter yet because they have to forward it from the mission office.
Family, I sent out letters a few days ago so they should be on their way!!!