Monday, July 28, 2014

Brinne's Missionary Letter 7.28.14 THE LORD LOVES US AND GIVES US SUCCESS!

Well it has been such an amazing week! So, here we go!!!

First of all- Wednesday we were supposed to have a lesson with Ashley and an investigator. We had a member with us. Ashley punched so we decided to go and try a potential… that person wasn't there..... So, we just asked our member... "Do you have anyone we could teach?" She stood there for a second and said.... “Well, let me text someone...” Her friend didn't answer so we just said if she gets back to you let us know and we have a very open schedule. Well, that night at about 6 she texted us and said, "My friend Dawn is so excited to meet with y’all. She is going out of town tomorrow so she wants to meet at my house tonight at 7.."........................................ummmm OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, at 7 we get to her house. Dawn is just a pocketful of joy and sunshine! We start teaching and she is soaking everything up!! She was able to tell this member how much of an influence she has been and the member was able to testify of how much this has blessed her life and of Joseph Smith and she cried and it was so wonderful.!!!! Then, we got to the Book of Mormon. (In the Bible Belt this is where lessons can go pretty bad!) And we said this phrase... "So we know over time the Bible has been changed and distorted...." Dawn gets all wide-eyed and turned to the member and said.... "Did you just hear what they said!?!"... The member quoted it back to her.... she was like, “YEA.... I KNOW THAT IS TRUE!!! THE BIBLE ISN'T PERFECT ANYMORE!!! I KNOW THAT...."….. please excuse Ski Ski and I while we die for a second... So let’s just say we set a bap date with her… and here is the most CRAZY part of the story..... So, our area is 3x1 miles..... PRETTY SMALL.... So she doesn't live in our area.......sad day.... BUT THEY ARE MOVING INTO OUR AREA ON THE 16TH OF AUGUST...... DO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LORD LOVES US AND HE GIVES US SO MUCH SUCCESS!!!!

Next story: So, Saturday we were out contacting. We found into these two kids, 14 and 15, we shared the restoration with them, gave them a Book of Mormon, and had a return appointment for Sunday. So, Sunday comes around. We have a member with us. He has a mission call-- leaving in a month. As we approach the house we see the Book of Mormon sitting on the curb. It had been run over a couple of times and the pages looked like someone had mangled it up a bit. (Hint taken)... (Oh, their Grandpa is a pastor at Stone Gate where they teach anti material in their sermons)... remember this. I put the copy in my bag and we think, “How can we use this member most effectively?? We remembered there was a boy we found into last week and he had to cancel our appointment that was supposed to be Saturday. So we decided to go try him.  We knock the door. The mom opens it. We ask for the kid. She says he is sick. We ask if we could share a message about Christ with her. She said yes. We go in--- 6 kids circle around us-- we teach the restoration. Come to find out the kids had talked to missionaries 10 year before but had to stop because of a family tragedy. (lost a sibling #planofsalvationithinkyes) But the mom said this was her first time participating in the lessons and that she wants us to keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH THE LORD LOVES US!!!

Then we were with a recent convert. He was going to come to a lesson with us, but the people punched, so we asked him if he knew of anyone we could go see. He said yes. So we drove over to his cousin’s house. His wife answered.. Said she was just on his way to go get him. Long story short… We have a lesson with them tonight at 8 :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love missionary work!!!! It is so amazing.

Over the last transfer I have experienced for myself how hard missionary work really is! We have the highs of highs-- and low of lows... and often you feel those emotions all in one day :)

It's wonderful!

Have a great week!
<3 sister dawes

P.S. I forgot to finish the story about the Book of Mormon. So, what we did was we brought it home and wrote a quote from Elder Holland and glued it to the front, and we glued The Standard of Truth to the back. Here is the quote:
“You may wonder if it is worth it to take a courageous moral stand in high school or to go on a mission only to have your most cherished beliefs reviled or to strive against much in society that sometimes ridicules a life of religious devotion. Yes, it is worth it, because the alternative is to have our “houses” left unto us “desolate”—desolate individuals, desolate families, desolate neighborhoods, and desolate nations. Friends, especially my young friends, take heart. Pure Christlike love flowing from true righteousness can change the world.

We will leave it in the apartment so all can read and know the work will go forward!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brinne's Birthday Letter from the Mission Field 7.21.14

Well, I haven't got to much time. Lol. We are going to Olive Garden at 12:15 :) Happy Birthday Sis Daw!!!! So much fun!!! So, a lot of really great things happened.

Satuday, we went and had dinner at a member’s home. They had no idea it was my birthday. We were talking about stuff and Brother Green asked how old we were. I said, "I'll be 20 tomorrow." And in the back room we hear a scream from Sister Green. She said.... "No way!!!! I made a cake for dessert and I felt like I should buy candles and I just got ice cream because cake and ice cream go together!!!!!!!!!!-- And I thought how fun would it be if someone actually had a birthday!!!" lol. Well, we did :) So the Lord loves me!!!

Dad, you mentioned I must have pure charity because the cake was German Chocolate.... (least favorite cake in the world) .......... Well, I am definitely gaining charity because in the TLM we don't often eat with members, so, I can count on 2 hands how many meal appointments I've had ald on 4 of those 6 times.... we have eaten some kind of fishy food..... and I eat every bite... so charity, the pure love of Christ, catching that :)

2 reasons why the Lord loves me... So, in Gospel Principals, missionaries have been teaching the lessons while we wait to get a new teacher called. Well, this week was our turn... lesson.... LAW OF CHASTITY........ AIN'T NOBODY WANNA TEACH ADULTS THE LAW OF CHASITY, AND DEFFS NOT ON THEIR BIRTHDAY!!!! But, the Lord loves me.... a teacher was called and he got the wonderful opportunity to teach the law of chastity..... yay!!!

3, We  went to the other sisters house and had pot roast and opened my presents :) Had my very first princess birthday party :) It was so much fun!!!!!

Ski Ski is sending pictures. So no spiritual thought this week, but just an update of my birthday.

Something I have started to do.  During personal studies i'’ve been writing what I am learning in letter-form, and I am going to send them to my family. It's helped me remember throughout my day what I studied and it's helping me so much!!! So way good! Y’all can expect that this week :)

Love y’all so much! Have a great week!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Purpose

Man, oh man, the past few months have been really hard, like REALLY hard. It's been one thing after another, and I just haven't been able to get out of the rut I was in. Well, this week some great things were able to happen. First, I had a break down on Sister Dunham (The lord loves me and I am so grateful she is still my STL). So, we had emergency exchanges. I went to Odessa and just talked about life nearly the whole day. Lots of tears, and lots of personal revelation. I realized why I was going through what I have been feeling and that was amazing. Sister Dunham had just got done making her personal mission statement so she shared it with me-- it was great.

How you find YOUR PURPOSE: Take a paper and a pen and write down everything that could be your purpose. Normally it takes 15-20 min to clear all sorts of crap out of your head then you write and write and eventually the Spirit makes you cry and you know what your purpose is... Normally this process doesn't take too long.... Well, I went on for 3 hours....... and found NOTHING. So, I gave up! Wednesday came back to Midland and read my P-Blessing and found my purpose. Here is what I found as My Purpose:  

What is my true purpose in life…

      To be happy, to be really happy, and to make others feel happy.

I am best when I: consecrate myself to the Lord and willingly submit to His will. I am also at my best when I am learning and growing and understanding the principles of the gospel. Causing myself to make good decisions and ultimately allowing myself to be happy, truly happy.

I will try to prevent times when I: run faster than I have strength, overburdening myself with responsibilities and causing myself to have problems.

I will enjoy my work by: finding opportunities where I can make others feel truly happy. By expressing my love for the Savior, and how I have seen the gospel mold and shape me into whom I am today. I will invite them to partake of this fruitful message.

I will find enjoyment in my personal life by: studying deeply the principles of the gospel and history of the world. I will need to take time to have frequent personal interviews with the Godhead.

I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as: having a keen mind, strong personality, and a determination to do what is right. As I do this people will rally with me in righteous living.

I can do anything I put my mind to: I will be courageous and stand up for those things I know are right all day long.

My life journey is to: be a missionary in all phases of my life and influence others to choose the right.

My most important future contribution to others will be: successfully help them live the principles of the gospel. This can come by teaching as a full-time missionary, a member missionary or a mother.

I will be a person who is: kind, loving, compassionate and truly loving of all of God’s children regardless of the circumstances or situations they may be in.

I will stop procrastinating and start working on: allowing my pride to step aside and let the Atonement heal me.

I will strive to incorporate the following attribute into my life: humility, wisdom and patience

I will consistently review myself by focusing on four dimensions of my life:
1.       My Eternal Perspective
2.       My Exact Obedience
3.       My Physical Heath
4.       My Personal Relationship with Christ

As I remember these things, learn to be truly happy and invite others to partake of this happiness, I will fulfill all that Heavenly Father wants for me and I will be TRULY HAPPY.

Sister Brinne Karee Dawes
July 9, 2014

So, those are my thoughts for the week.
All, the lord really wants for me it to be truly happy :)

I love y'all so much!

Have a great week!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pancho Loves Siski!!!

Well, this week was probably the longest week of my whole mission. I am not exactly sure why, but it was! Last week we spent A LOT of time contacting, and the fruits of that were wonderful!

Monday: We met a man named Jesus a couple of weeks ago. We have been trying to contact him for the past few weeks. Then when we caught him he told us to talk to his nephew, Pacose (pancho). Well, we said, “hi” then left. So, then last Sunday we were trying someone else that lives over there and we saw him so we talked to him. It was almost 9:00 so we said we will set up an appointment and come by tomorrow at 7. He said, "Okay, I want to marry a Mormon......... " “Well,” we said,  “We will talk more about that tomorrow". So we get to his lesson Monday. He is there waiting and 2 of his Spanish friends are there. So we start teaching. One Spanish friend doesn't speak English and he was trying to ask questions so we were like, “Hold on. We are going to call the SPANISH elders.” So the elders come. They take one of the Spanish men and talk to him (turns out he was drunk). Then we kept talking to Pancho and his friend Carlos... So as we were teaching Pancho kept gazing/ staring into Siskis eyes... My Mamma Bear just about came out in rage ‘cuz he was just looking so intently and romantically at her it was sick!!! Long story short, Pancho screamed across the parking lot, "I LOVE YOU" to Sister Ludwinksi when she was backing me up.... AWKWARD!!! Then he gave us a weird "bro-hug-". I never know what to do in those situations. So #pancholovessiski and we aren't teaching him anymore... But CARLOS! So amazing! As we were teaching the first lesson he listened and listened and he told us he was getting the shakes (how he feels the spirit). Then that night we were going to watch the restoration movie with Ayo and Ade at a member’s house and they just so happen to live at Carlos’s apartment. So he came to that and he is just so great!!!! We love him!!!! Please pray for that guy--- he is amazing.

Tuesday: So we had a packed day full of appointments! At 8:40 pm we had an appointment with Rudy. Long story short, it’s 9:30. (Totes curfew.) The spirit was great! We were like winding down inviting him to pray and guess who just so happens to be in Midland on the only day of my mission I am not home by 9:30???? That is right…. The AP'S .................... PALM TO THE FACE!!!  CRAP!!! DANG IT!!!!!!
They were here for our “Meet and Greet on Wednesday.

Wednesday: We got to meet President and Sister Heap. They are so lovely!!!!! I am so happy I have had the opportunity to have 1/2 my mission with the Augustin’s and now 1/2 with the Heaps. We will continue to do great things! Cool mission, the TLM, is the 2nd largest mission in the world.... CRAZY!!! IT IS A HUGE MISSION. WE SAW A MAP OF ALL THE MISSIONS AND YOU CAN TELL WHERE THE TLM IS!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

Thursday: We went and saw a recent convert, Chris- After he was baptized he got back into old habits and things like that so he has been struggling. Well, he had a stroke a couple of weeks ago (great time for turning point)! We went and talked to him. Had A GREAT DISCUSSION. (Before the lesson I prayed that Chris would be able to tell us what he needed.) So as we were talking I was holding a copy of The Book Of Mormon. I asked him, “Chris, what do you need....?” He said, "I need to read that book." I said, “Okay.... Well, I want you to read this book in 2 weeks. Can you do that?” He started to cry and said, "Yes".... Happy to report as of yesterday he has read 1/2 of the Book of Mormon. What I love the most, though, is I said, “Chris, you don't have to read the Book of Mormon to understand it..., but you just need to read it. (Completely by the spirit!)

Friday: Happy 4th of July!! We stopped working at 6:00. The sisters came over… we played Headbands and Skum and ate brownies. Then rearranged our apartment. Then went to bed :)

So that is a few highlights of this week!

Love y’all! Have a great week!!!