Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Friends and Family!

      Well, what a great holiday! We went to Bishop Fuqua's house for Christmas Eve! We had quite some fun! The Mormon world is so small! Their children go to BYU-I as well! Funny thing--- their daughter, Ariann, was roommates with Sarah McKillop (my former roommate)!!!! How funny! Then on Christmas we got up… My companions couldn't wait for the other sisters to get here so they opened up all their gifts! I waited and started making "our" (my families) Christmas breakfast--- creamed eggs!!!! The other sisters came over around 8:30 so we opened up presents and what not!!! We had so much fun! MOST FAVORITE GIFT-- PHYSICAL GIFT-- THIS YEAR WAS MY "TLM-SISTER DAWES BLANKET!!! Every time I cuddle with it I laugh... So when I laugh randomly before bed or in the morning my companions know why and they laugh as well!!! I just love it!!! And it is soooo cozzyy!!!!
     We all made our traditional breakfast. Sister Clark made quiche- Bradford cinnamon roles, Barlow crescent roles and jam, and me --creamed eggs! We took them over to ALMAS house to eat them then went over to the Reynolds! They are seriously soooooo good to us!!! They gave us stockings with awesome stuff… then a home made  towel rap to go on the head after a shower! They gave us Victoria’s Secret spray and stuff!! They are just amazing! Then we all were able to talk to our families!! (To make ya proud mom and dad-i was the only one in the district that only talked for 45 min to a T! Some elders and sisters talked for 3 hours.... but we were obedient, family!!!! Congrats!!!
     So talking to them was very fun!!! Then we ate home made chicken noodle soup (home-made noodles)!! And YUMMMMMM IS THE ONLY WAY TO EXPLAIN THAT!

Then we went over to jack and Amy’s!! We got them all Christmas presents and they gave us some. All 5 of us pitched in and got Roger, Jack, and Dacoda white shirts and ties and Amy a skirt.... I have never loved giving gifts as much in my life.... I can't even express to you how happy Jack was when he opened his. His eyes were almost crying his cheeks were soooo happy!!! ( I about forgot to update y’all on Jack’s interview!!!!! President Clemen said that Jack’s interview was the most hopeful and most amazing interview he as ever had!!!!!!! So he will be writing a glowing report to the First Presidency!!!!! ) Answers to prayers!!!

     The others enjoyed their gifts. Amy went and put hers on right away!  Jack was like a child… he went and tried it on as well! And little Dacoda we got his on--- and it was like a night-dress but it will fit him until he is 8-- so that is great!!!!!!

James went to spend time with his mom out of town (she isn't a fan of us and isn't okay with James changing his religion) She has been anti-ing him all along. So when he went we were very scared!!!! However, the best thing happened....... He was gone for 4 days, he came back, gave us a call and said he hadn't smoked in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we went over there and set a baptism date for Tuesday Dec. 31!!! That night he called us and said, Well...... Can I be Baptized on Sunday????” I told him we would pray about it..... The Lord said yes so.... JAMES ENTERED THE WATERS OF BAPTISM DEC. 29 AT 8:30 A.M.!!!!!! ALONG WITH ROGER! Both of these guys were referrals from members!! And Recent converts at that!!! The gospel is so pure and amazing!!!!

     That was our Christmas Miracle!! I am sure I told y’all that President Agustin had revelation early this month to set a goal for us missionaries to bring 500 souls unto Christ in the 2013 year, and we were 100 away at the beginning of this month! So it was a very lofty, hefty goal. The mission fasted and prayed and worked so hard to bring the people of the TLM mission the truth! This morning we had a conference call. President Agustin announced that as of yesterday we had 501 souls brought to Christ in the 2013 year....!     I just want to tell y’all I know the Lord prepares the people he needs us to find-

     My companionship, this transfer, didn't slide right into things well. We had our bumps in the road (like normal), and it still isn't easy.. We didn't work as hard as I know we could have, so I didn't think the Lord would bless us in giving us a miracle. But after James' miracle, I know the Lord won’t stop his work. I am not saying we were apostate and we were not obedient. I just know there were things we could have done like fasting more, and praying more, and working harder to receive more blessings. However, the Lord still blessed us, but more importantly blessed James.

At this time-- new year-- I am praying and contemplating what goal I can set for myself during this next year! I hope y’all are as well.... I invite y’all to make your goal more spiritual this year instead of physical!
Mosiah 2:17 “When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your god.!”
     This year maybe you could be a better visiting/ home teacher (more than once a month). Maybe you can pray better on your KNEES not on you bed or laying in bed ON YOUR KNEES. Maybe you can STUDY instead of read your scriptures :) or............GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES when they bring someone to church-- bombard the investigator with love and care!

I love y’all so much and pray often for you!!!

Have such a great day :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

A letter from Brinne's Trainer-Sister Dunham

Dear Roseanne,
     Hey! Happy Holidays!
     I am Sister Dunham. I just finished training with your lovely daughter, and I asked for your address so that I can update you on her progress that she has made!
     I remember our first week together. I could tell she was having a miserable time. At our first companionship inventory she told me that she didn't even want to be on a mission and she had no idea why she came. She even said that if our mission president gave her a plane ticket home, she would gladly accept it.  I am not trying to rat her out or anything...or get her into trouble but that is where she was at when she first came to me. I am sure you know that though.
     Don't worry I wasn't going to give up on her.  We started off working hard, popping out of bed at 6:30 am sharp! And I was starting to see a transformation in Sister Dawes. 
     Your daughter is a hard worker! She is very willing to help people, especially the less actives. There was a woman who has been struggling a lot with her health, mentally and physically. Your daughter was the missionary that she needed! She knew how to make this woman feel loved, more than I ever could.  And I know Brinne was called to Brownwood for that specific reason, and I am sure for many other reasons. 
     Sister Dawes is also learning to be patient, and to not give up on any one.  She has a big heart.
      Her prayers to her Heavenly Father are so sincere and she is never afraid to admit her shortcomings and weaknesses.
     Whenever I gave her something to work on, she always corrected it right away, and she always was open for constructive criticism so that she could become the missionary the Lord wants her to be.
     She is not the same person as she was 3 months ago. For being with her 24/7 for 6 weeks, I can see the dramatic difference. You can tell that she still struggles from time to time, but the transformation she has experienced has been amazing!
     I have prepared myself for a mission, and I was excited to go, and I have never doubted my choice.  But to see Miss Brinne not really want to go, and not really wanting to be here ---- to take that huge leap of faith, and then stick it out.... That is a huge example to me. The Lord wanted her to be here, and even though she didn't want to be here, she is here to stay:)
     A couple weeks ago I told her, "It doesn't matter why you came, but what made you stay?" She replied, "Because you changed my perspective of the mission, and now I have a joy for the work."
     I was a little disappointed when I found out that i was being transferred out of Brownwood, But I realized if I helped Sister Dawes love being a missionary and helped her decide to stay, the I am good with that:)  I am glad that I was able to be her companion, even if it was for a short two transfers.  I learned so much from her, and I wouldn't trade that for anything! I was her trainer, but I learned so much from her!
     I can not wait to see what and who she becomes after her mission.  It will help her be a great mom, and wife, and I can not wait for you to see the change in her:)
     Thank you for raising her, and for pushing her to come out on a mission!

     I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
                    <3 Sister Megan Dunham

Brinne's 1st Christmas away from home...away from traditions:(

Okay....this letter is short...and I can tell she is a bit sad that she won't be home for Christmas. Prayers for our missionaries at this time would be much appreciated!! (Brinne has always been a sucker for tradition and all those "little things" that she holds so close to her heart. Love her!!!)

Hello friends and Family :)
Congrats to Nika and Ethan! I am very happy for you two!!
As well as a new cousin Hazel :) Congrats Tommy and Cass :)

Well, this week has been a crazy week! A few funny things have happened… Sadly, I was sick in bed Tuesday and my poor companion, Sister Fife was sick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And, well, right now, as a matter a fact, but is toughing this out :) But we for sure will be going back home so she can sleep in a little while :/

Thursday we had a huge Christmas party in Midland TX :) We got to go stay the night in San Angelo. Wednesday! We had so much fun! We started out the day with skits! Each district was given a song we had to act out, sing, and Kazoo too :) We had “Frosty the Snowman” :) It was great fun! Then we had a spontaneous "throw your companion under the bus, talent show" needless to say. My companions thought that I needed to show 1/2 of my mission my animal impersonation and my Fiona voice... and so I did.... let’s just say awkward.... but we had great fun!
Then Santa came :) We got a TLM (Texas Lubbock Mission) hat :) A calendar and a letter from the first presidency :) Then we were spiritually fed by President (sure hope he is prophet one day) He taught us about our relationship with Jesus Christ and how he is our savior not our brother while on earth :) AMAZING!
Then, thank you family for the "White Christmas"!! I am the only one in my companionship who hasn't opened any presents. I do have to say, though, I was a little sad when all of the gifts weren't from Suzy Snowflake, the Grinch, Santa, Mrs.Clause…. Then I got to thinking.... Shooot!!!.... I don't get an elf knocking on my door this Christmas with jammies... Then I began crying when I realized that my daddy isn't going to read me " ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” ..and i don't even have copy of it so I can't read it myself!!!! So I am still sad... :) Funny that those little memories still mean so much to me!

I am not going to type my awkward story but family please ask about it on Christmas so i can tell it to you! It's great!!

Anyway, I hope y’all are having a great holiday!!! And a great break from school!!!

I don't have much more to say except I can't wait to talk to you Wednesday!!!!!! 
Merry Christmas Y’ALL!!!!
Love sister Dawes

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sister Dawes is NOT a FIX-IT Gal!

Hello Friends and Family!

     This week has been quite an eventful one! We will start off for those who plan to serve missions, or are on one right now! COMPANIONSHIP UNITY IS ESSENTIAL IN ORDER TO TEACH THE GOSPEL! Ha Ha Ha! Let’s just say the beginning of the week was a little rough. I AM NOT A FOLLOWER. Therefore, I am learning to be a follower. It was rough because when Sister Fife came she didn't know anybody, and I knew everyone because I had been here for 3 months and Sister Clark kind of knew people and has no idea about directions. So, I am telling Sister Fife how to drive and what not. Well, I was being a little to pushy and I wasn't feeling feelings they were having--- so that was hard. Well 1/2 way through the week we had companionship inventory and that was awkward! Then we got through it--- made goals for what we want to see from ourselves and as a companionship. Then for the rest of the week we saw miracles... not typical miracles, but non-the-less miracles. 

James dropped us and that was hard. His family and "spiritual mentor" are not supportive so he is taking 2-3 weeks off from talking to us to see what he needs. That was very hard because we were working with him daily to help him be ready for baptism.
        Friends and Family, I am enlisting your help. The TLM(Texas Lubbock Mission) has a huge goal to bring 100 souls to Christ in the month of December. We are calling it "A White Christmas" . My companionship has already had one, so my district has prayed and we want to get 2 baptisms in the month of December. Our teaching pool has dropped this week, and we need to find solid investigators in the next 2 weeks ready to accept this gospel! Baptism numbers are not important, but souls are. If all of you would help pray that my companionship can use our time most wisely and work to find these people I know the power of prayer is amazing!

JACK: EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY! So if you'll remember Jack is on Probation for the next 4 years. Amy just got baptized. It is a very long process to get people on probation  baptized! President Agustin has to ask permission from the first presidency, and it's a very long process. Well, Friday President called us and said President Clemen is coming down to interview Jack. Then Pres. Clemen and Agustin and maybe Jack are going to have to write aletter to the prophet. This can be a long process... if y’all wouldn't mind praying for a speedy answer that would be the best Christmas present in the world for everyone, but most important to that family! Please, please pray!!!

MARY: She is having a very rough time with her health so we are praying for her and Zoey so they can feel well enough to come to church! They are so amazing. And they want to learn more and more. Their health is just a problem.

JOSIE and LYNN: I don't know if I have ever talked about them before, but Josie is a less-active. We are working with Lynn who isn't a member. Josie has a desire to come back, but wants Lynn’s support. We have been working so hard with them and Lynn’s heart is slowly opening! It would be amazing if his heart were to open enough to take the lessons. I know if he were to listen he would feel the spirit and he would change his life. The Lord is already helping and preparing him!!! Please pray for him! I love them so much. I have built such a special relationship with them. I feel like they are the people I am here to help and my calling won't be fulfilled here in Brownwood until they are helping each other out. He is ready--- he just needs some guidance!!! I LOVE THEM!

I know this church is true and that families are forever! I am so happy to be out here, and I am so exited that I get to be a part of this gospel! I know it is from Heavenly Father! The church is true!

Next story.... a funny one... So this happened Saturday. We were cleaning out our fridge and we had a ton of left-over food from Thanksgiving. So we have a garbage disposal. We had a whole tub full of ham and turkey- The spirit said, “Sister Dawes, don't put all of that down the disposal!” But, I didn't listen. Half way through it grinding up it just stops. So I thought, “Well great! I am going to try to fix it. I didn't know what I was thinking. My companions weren't there to stop me. So I start taking EVERYTHING APART. Every piece is everywhere!! There is crap everywhere! It is a MESS!!! Well, I cleaned out all the parts and then I forgot how to put all the pieces back together--- and one piece wouldn't fit where it was supposed to go. Well, I was working on it for about 3 hours. Long story short. Brother Reynolds came over and had to buy a whole new contraption for under the sink..... ****** SISTER DAWES IS NOT A FIXIT LADY.... :/


Monday, December 9, 2013

Jumping on the bed and making holes in the walls!! 12.9.13

Hello everyone,                                                                    12.9.13

This week has been eventful. I don't have much time today… I had to fill out a mission survey so my time is short.

Here are a few things that happened. Last Monday night we got a call from our ZLs. They asked sister Dunham to come to San Angelo on Tuesday to stay with a sister who was going home, but would be without a companion for a few hours.

So we all had to wake up Tuesday morning at 3:30 am and drive to San Angelo to be with her when her companions left on the transfer bus. Sister Dunham is not opening a new area, but they cleared all the other sisters out so sister Dunham is starting from scratch with a trainie... So we helped her out and we cleaned/ organized her apartment. Her trainee didn't get to San Angelo until Wednesday, so we had a whole day to clean and shop for things and for Sister Dunham to figure out her area. Sister Clark and i weren’t that much help...

However, Tuesday night Sister Dunham and Clark were jumping on the bed and Sister Clarks butt made a huge hole in the wall :) ha ha ha.... awkward... I WASN'T JUMPING ON THE BED I WAS TAKING VIDEO! I had no part in that!!!! ha ha ha!! We had to call the zls and they came and plastered the wall for us... it was a pretty large hole!!!! I was amazed they were able to fix it... and they were doing acrobats on the beds more than just jumping!! (Mom I hope you proof these before they go on my blog… I don't spell or use punctuation) so that was great!

Wednesday night the transfer bus came bringing Sister Dunham her new baby and bringing us "Annie Fife" (She and Sister Dunham were trained by Sister Turner). We all went to Chick-fil-a to get dinner, and let’s just conclude that I have not cried this much on my mission! I sobbed saying goodbye to Mamma Dunham. Even though we are in the same zone and I get to talk to her on the phone. I give her so much credit to the missionary I have become. I love her so much!

Mom and Dad, I have a letter I'll send today and you'll be able so see how much I have changed and it is all because of her!!! Anyway, I have cried almost every day at night just because I love her so much and owe her everything! She was a blessing for sure. Trainers make or break your mission and she made mine--- so she is amazing and I don't know what I will do without her... Well, actually, I do...

I LOVE SISTER FIFE!!! SHE IS SOOOO AWESOME! WE LAUGH ALL THE TIME!! WE DO WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO!! She has always had companions that she has had to help, but not this one! Sister Clark and I love her so much... In fact, here is a funny story... so

We have "the missionary handbood" (the book of blessings). In it, there is a rule that says "you must sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed." Never knew what the meaning behind that was, but now I know... So all of our beds are squished together, so it is 3 beds made into one giant bed (we all sleep in our bed) Sister Clark sleeps by the wall, Sister Fife in the middle and me to the right of her. Well apparently, 2 night ago... Sister Fife woke up in the middle of the night and I was stroking her hair mumbling "It'll be alright, It'll be alright" (That saying is an inside joke to me and another sister) So I guess she moved her head and I continued to stroke her pillow--- so she picked up my finger and moved my hand!!! GREAT BONDING MOMENT EVEN THOUGH I WAS'T CONSCIOUS FOR IT!! :) HA HA HA HA HA--- WELL GREAT!

Here is a quick update on my investigators.

Amy’s baptism was great she is just wonderful!
Mary is sooooooo good! She hasn't been able to come to church yet because Zoey has been in and out of the hospital (understandable), but she is progressing! She was very sad to see Sister Dunham leave, but loves Sister Fife--- so that is great!!! 

Then we are teaching James. He is a recent convert friend, and he is so close to the Holy Ghost. He just wants it with him all the time. Please, please, please pray that he can quit smoking. His baptism is SUNDAY if he is able to hold strong and not smoke!!!!!!!! I just love him soooo much! The lord is blessing us so much here in B-wood!

We are going to start a program here for the ward to try to unite it, so they are serving each other! I hope it works!! We have fasted and prayed for this place, and we really feel the Lord is going to bless us if we truly do this program! It is going to be amazing to see! I hope I stay here for like 9 months so I can see it work :) THE CHURCH IT TRUE!!

I AM SORRY THIS LETTER IS SO SHORT BUT I NEED TO EMAIL PRESIDENT!  i just want y’all to know that I am doing super well even without my Mamma Dunham :) This transfer I am working on 2 things. First, I am trying to better understand the atonement and better build my relationship with my Savior. And second, I am trying to see Christ-like attributes in my companions daily so I can give meaningful words of affirmation :)  Keep up on me, would ya?? :) See how I am doing with that and I will try to always incorporate it in my letters!

I love y’all :) have a great week :) sorry once again this isn't that spiritual of a letter :)

-Sister Dawes

Monday, December 2, 2013

Still in Brownwood--Letter from 12.2.13

Letter from December 2, 2013

~~~~~~ This is an excerpt from President Agustin’s e-mail!
(Each week he tell us who has had baptism... until this week we've never been on the list, but TODAY WE WERE!!!!!)~~~~~~~~~~

"And this last week was a good start---18 more souls accepted the 'good news' of the restored gospel. We congratulate Sisters Kramer/Archibald, McKell/Davidson, Luke, Ethington/Clark; Barlow/Bradford, Dunham, Dawes/Clark, and Elders Webb/Anderson, Gerber, Hebdon/Horsman (5), Kunkel, Dalley/Morley (2), and King, Culter/Yorgenson (2), Orton/Meibos/White (2), and Rentmeister/Jones.”

 ____ This email is very cool because Luke, Ethington/Clark <---- Thats my Amanda Clark! Then US!!! Then King, Cutler and Yorgeson  as well as Bradford and Barlow are in my district-- so we had JUST IN OUR DISTRICT 4 baptisms :)
Before I tell you about the experience, let me tell you about what y’all are wondering about..... TRANSFERS!!!

WELL, HERE IS THE NEWS !!! Sister Dunham got a call from President at about 10:30. She has been asked to train another sister and they are replacing all of the sisters in San Angelo so she will still be my sister training leader but not my companion! Sister Clark and I didn't get our assignment until about 12:50 with Elder Holt (AP) called.... We are staying here in Brownwood for Christmas!! And we get to add a sister to our companionship! SISTER FIFE!!!! She has been out for about 7 1/2 months and she is going to be our Senior companion :) So we are still here!!

So, here was our Sunday :) We went to bed at about 1:30 (transfer party- THAT'S NOT NORMAL/ I HATE TRANSFER PARTIES) We woke up at 6:30... Well, I did... Sister Dunham never sleeps after she is asked to train-- so poor girl didn't sleep at all....! We did our normal morning routine, then sped right over to Jack and Amy's ! They were up ready to go!! Amy said she didn't sleep at all due to excitement and her house showed it!!! She had painted her house! ha ha ha :) So we leave for church, we get there, then church starts ---but JACK AND AMY AREN'T THERE!! SO WE ARE FREAKING OUT!!!! WHAT THE WHAT??? WHERE IS AMY!!!! Turns out she forgot her whities so they had to go back to get them!!


Amy goes and changes. I gave a talk about baptism and Sister Clark about the Holy Ghost. Then she went and got in the water with Brother Ferrer..... Well............ First she doesn't like water....

The first time her hand didn't go under.
Second time Bro Ferrer didn't raise his arm to the square And the third was the GOLDEN TIME :) HA HA HA !!!


This week has been a great week!!! ha ha ha
5 letters from Nessa
1 letter from Britt

It was so fun to open it!! We hung the tree right away, and I must really love what I am doing because the pictures didn't even make me homesick! I love looking at them and having a reminder about everyone, but "when your engulfed in the work you don't have time to be homesick". That's were I am at, and I didn't think I would get to this point!

Then when I opened the gifts I was just soooo exited!!! I was soooo worried you wouldn't understand what I was saying, but those visuals are THE BEST MEGGIE!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO PLEASED!!

Another great thing was we are now teaching a black lady! Her name is Mary and she has a daughter named Zoey! She is just like Amy and Jack-- just ready to accept everything we give to her!! We taught the Plan of Salvation (so she was the first one I used my visuals for!) And she LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! When we got to spirit world and spirit prison she was not to sure about that because she thought if you don't get it here or you don't accept "sucks to be you"! But then we talked about it and we told her to pray about it and she said, "Oh, I don't need to, I already know it's true! My heart is at peace and I just love that :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH


Also for Thanksgiving- holidays aren't holidays
1. If they aren't in Utah (because there isn't snow and some days are not cold) 
2. Without the Dawes/ Morley family :) 

Thanksgiving we went to the Reynolds-- the only family in the ward --so we ate with them!! We had fried turkey and everything else. I just want to point out I AM THAT FAMILY’s FAVORITE MISSIONARY BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS ASK ME TO DO MY FIONA VOICE AND THIS WEEK I TAUGHT THEM THE ANIMAL IMPERSINATIONS. It would be awesome if someone would send me an email with all the rest of the animals because I can't remember them, but I need more of a variety :) 

Anyway, family and friends, the church it true.. the book is blue.. and Jesus is a Mormon! Remember the reason for the season!

~~~~~needles to say!! I love what I am doing :) 
Have a great week everyone!!
Love y’all so much!!! 

Sister Clark is supposed to send pictures :) 

And mom maybe Diana got pictures because, well there are two options.... either 1. Nater is apostate....(and he isn't) or 2. A member must have sent them....
Other than that, I have no idea how that could have happened :) I don't talk to that elder :)