Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Wow! It is amazing how time flies! This week Siski celebrated her 1 month! We went to Bahama Bucks and got huge slushies!!! And we got sick after!

Not too many things have happened. Ayo and Adi are on vacation in Houston for a month so they won't be making their baptism date darn it. But in a month we should both still be here and we will keep on teaching them!!!!

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was very AMAZING and VERY SAD. This was our last time seeing President and Sister Augustin! Bitter-sweet. It's been amazing to see how much work and change has happened in the mission since he has been president! After Zone Conference Siski and I just went and tore Midland up!!! We have been doing VERY well with our morning finding. They aren't panning out, sadly, but we have shared the First vision in morning findings at least 2-3 times a day!!!!! It has been awesome. We keep trying and keep praying one day they will accept the gospel.  

Yesterday was quite the event.
We went to church at 7:30 for meetings. Half way through the lights started to flicker on and off. At 9:00 church started (we were trying to get Mckayla and Lexie there- Their stepmom wanted to bring them.) Well, sacrament started and they weren't there. Lights are flickering, the mic doesn't work, then it started to smell like smoke! So at about 10:00 Bishop was like... “I think we are going to end church for the day. Everyone outside.”  Then Mckayla and Lexie were like, “We are here!” lol!! So we were like, “Well, they need to come to church. There is another church down the road.” So 11 o'clock church here we go!!!! (We think and AC unit blew in our church- NBD) So we get to the 11:00 church and come to find out it is YSA ward!!! So we have a 10-13- and 45 year old there!!!! Sweet!!!! They left right after the sacrament- Tender mercy because they did a testimony meeting and everyone was using the phrase “ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHRUCH”- and although that is true their step mom would have been highly offended!!!!! So it was good they didn't say!!!
Then I was not feeling well last night so I went to bed early and wow. It is great to sleep!!!! :)

Anyway I don't have much more to say! This week has been great and TOMORROW I GET TO DO EXCHANGES WITH MAMA DUNHAM!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!! MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

I hope y’all have a great week!
Love, Sister Dawes

The following is an email from Candace, one of Brinne’s investigators from Clovis, NM. (Brinne felt like Candace was the reason for Brinne serving in Clovis.)

Today was our first FHE alone. It was sad and small, but we did it!! Joe helped me out (woohoo!) and we taught Jemma about blessings and how you receive them. It turned out well I think.

I am so sad we didn't get to say goodbye to you. We miss you soooo much, but know you are gone for a very good reason.

I need to tell you that plans have changed. The kids and I are moving to Lincoln, Nebraska on June, 23. We rented a little house with a basement. Joe's sister Mary Kate will be moving in with us. She is a nanny for two families and is going to school for childcare. (Sound familiar?!)Her goal is to be a stay at home mom with a few other kids to tend. It will be nice to have another "adult" around for company.

I plan on visiting you when you get home, and we can still go through the temple together!!

I miss you so much and am so thankful you came on your mission. You have been such a huge impact in my life, and helped me get so much closer to who I want to be. Thank you for all of your teachings and words that you didn't even know affected me. I hope you continue to have great luck. You touch many lives and hearts more than you know!

Till we meet again...

Candace and Jemma

(I hope you can watch this video of her naming her blessings)

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