Monday, June 23, 2014

River Wadley 6.23.14

Hello Friends and Family,

     Quite a bit has and will continue to happen! This week we say goodbye to President and Sister Augustin. Wow! They are stellar, amazing missionaries. Their obedience and exactness helped this mission grow and achieve new goals. Last year we had 504 convert baptisms, and as of right now we are exceeding that!!!! Saturday, Sister Ludwinski experienced her real very first baptism. Mckayla and Lexi ages 13 and 10 entered the waters of baptism after years of wanting to. Things just never worked out. They lived in Utah with their grandmother and aunt for a few years. Their older brother is serving a mission in Detroit!!! And HE GOT TO CALL THEM ON THER BAPTISM DAY!!!!! Oh, how the Lord loves us!!!! They were gleaming with so much joy and the spirit was radiating from them!!! It was wonderful! The ward has been SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING. It was so funny. So their dad and future step mom aren't too fond of them being baptized, but they are supportive. Anyway they came to sacrament to see them be confirmed then left. They came back to get them after church and their future step mom was like, "Well me and their dad are at Texas Roadhouse and we are going to be eating. I guess the girls will just sit and watch us eat because, apparently, they don't make other people work on Sundays. Not because I am a christian Christian and your a MORMON CHRITIAN." ......................... OKAY!!!!!!!!!! BUT, OH I WAS SO PROUD OF THOSE GIRLS STANDING UP TO HER AND SYAING THEY WERE GOING TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY! THEY WILL BE BLESSED.

So on Wednesday, I believe it was, it rained A LOT!!!!!! Like A LOT A LOT. We were at a member’s house and it just started pouring... So we were like, “Well, I guess we will be staying here for a little while.” We waited a minute for it to settle down. When it did we got in our car and started home. It didn't take long to realize we should have stayed. The water was flooding the streets everywhere in areas. We were driving in water up to our door... Then we get to the street WE HAVE TO CROSS in order to get home. We see a bunch of stalled cars in the middle of it just waiting to be taken by "RIVER WADLEY!!" When we saw it we thought...,”Ehhhh betta not...” So we back-tracked down to another area. Long story short, it is 9:30 pm at this time and we needed to get home. So we had to leave our car across the street and we had to walk though River Wadley so we could get home. Let’s just say water was up past our knees and I was stressing out that my shoes were going to be swept away by the strong current #closestthing #i'mgettingtogoswimming :) 

Something so amazing happened last night. We were out contacting last night and NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! We were out for an hour and talked to 1 person, so we were like, “What do we need to be doing?” We thought, “Go see Chris (a recent convert).” We have been told by the ward to really only go see him once a month (long story). Well, month is almost over and we haven’t seen him. So we went over. It is about 8:30 pm. We get to his door and his neighbor said he went to the hospital-- he had a stroke yesterday... So after getting lost we found the hospital. We were debating whether or not to go because, side note, we had a short transfer (5 weeks).. So, last night was transfer calls. Siski and I are staying in Midland for the next 7 weeks). Anyway on transfer night you’re supposed to get home early incase they call, but we were like, “No we need to go to the hospital. Maybe we can just get his room number.” So after a little while we get his room number. It was 8:57 when I looked at my clock. I was like, “What should we do? Go up and pray with him then leave, or just leave and come back tomorrow?” Siski said, “Go up and pray with him.” So we went up there. When we got there his mom was there and she said, “How did you find him? I have been trying to talk to him all day about who I can call from his church so they know, but he can't talk and he doesn’t have any number saved in his phone. How did you know to come???” WELL, THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO YEA, SHE STARTED TO CRY AND TONIGHT WE ARE GOING TO GO WITH MEMBERS TO GIVE A BLESSING AND TRY TO TEACH A RESORTATION LESSON!!!!!
Anyway, I love y’all so much! Have a great week!!!!


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