Monday, October 20, 2014

Brinne's Letter 10.20.14

Hello Everyone!

Today I am not really in the mood to write so here is a little something, something. --- We go volunteer at the nursing home every week for a little while. Well, there is an old lady there her name is Phoebe. She is 74 and she writes poetry all the time. She quotes it to us ALL the time. Well, this week she wrote a special poem for me :) Here it is! They call us " Miss...." instead of Sister. :( Whatever.

Miss Dawes is a young woman about town!
Always a smile and seldom a frown.
She is also very pretty
And can be quite witty.
Dear God, hold her heart
She is also very smart.
She is a friend to all
And helps us up in case we fall.
We love you,
Sister Phoebe

I have not yet helped anyone up, but incase that happens, at least I will be there.

T his week has been great. I am anxiously awaiting interviews tomorrow. I am so excited to be able to see P resident and Sister heap :) They are wonderful.

It's amazing how P resident teaches from the scriptures. I would love to be able to teach like him :) He is a man called of God.

I hope all is well at home and er' thing.!
W e are trying not to catch ebola lol :) Just kidding :) We are fine!!!!

So, sorry for the short letter! I loved seeing all the pics from home and for the way you sent the letter mom! I t was so fun to read it!!!!

T he church is so true!!!!

Sister Dawes :)

This week Sister Brunt felt prompted to go to a street. I felt prompted to knock on a door... and WHAM! WE MET DENNIS! I will let you know how that goes. We had a great lesson with him yesterday!!!

1-   Rosa is not a member (sad deal), but her family is. They are moving to Odessa today.
2-   This is the worst picture in the world. It is in Abernathy, a town close to Lubbock. It is of Christ on the cross, and on Easter and stuff they pump red blood though it.... :( Personally, I like focusing on the resurrected Savior.....
3-   Friendship puddle with Elder Ross :) adorbs
4-   Gem of a picture

These are a few pictures... I am just so bad at taking them.....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fasting is Fabulous!

Hello Everyone,
     Ironic thing this week, mom sent me an email asking about experiences I've had while fasting, and that has been a big part of my week. So that is what i will write about today!

     We will just start off by saying- the Church is true- that's all there is to it! It is true.-

     After General Conference, I don't know about y’all, but it gave me the drive to do better and be better. One of the things I was told by the Spirit was that I needed to be better at fasting. As missionaries, we go though ups and downs. Sometimes we get discouraged and we just don't know where to go for help. (Now everyone knows I am prideful, so when the scriptures say, "don't rely on the arm of the flesh.." (something like that) I haven't yet mastered that concept." Well, this week I had some lower days, and I was getting so frustrated and the thought came to my mind, “I am so glad it is Fast Sunday!” (That's not a normal thought- oftentimes, I still forget, but this time I didn't.)

     My experience with fasting was more than 24 hours long. I started preparing a few days in advance. During personal studies I was making goals and thinking of what I wanted to fast for. Saturday came  and Sister Brunt and I ate lunch like queens.

     Then we went our own ways to start our fasts--- Usually, I do this with my companions, but this time I needed one for myself. Anyway, it was great. Then, that night, we had a mission wide conference call (that is rare). President Heap invited us to participate in a mission wide fast!!!! It was so cool to think that 260 of us were spread around Western Texas, Eastern New Mexico were sitting there on our knees pleading with the Lord for help. It was a spiritual moment for sure. Then we were invited to talk with our companion about things we want specific help for. So Sister Brunt and I had a great 2 hour conversation about what we were hoping to see from the fast.

     Well, I testify the Lord answers prayers. We went until almost 2:00 yesterday… longer than 24 hours (no time to eat)… but we were not hungry. Both of us said we could have gone longer!!!!! We have seen miracles in just the past day. We were able to figure out how to help an investigator that we needed help to know how to teach her!!!! Things are just amazing in my life right now.

      I feel this letter is really a bad one, but moral of the story is, I have a testimony of fasting. And I know President Heap is my president. He is supposed to be here. I know this church is true, and I will be fasting ALOT MORE!!!!!!


Eating Like Queens

Eating "Minnion"-aries in my Monster Jammies:)

Friendship Puddles.....

Letters on napkins:)

We are wearing TWINNER shirts:)

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Thoughts on General Conference 10/6/14

Hello Everyone,
        So just to clear the air! I LOVE MY COMPANION! Lol. I haven't said much about her, I guess, ‘cuz, well, I don't know! But we get along great! She and I are very alike!!! We have a great relationship! All is well between companions in Plainview, Texas!


       Sad news… iPads were not announced at zone Conference. lol!! However, we did GET TO WATCH “MEET THE MORMONS!!!!”  It was so amazing!! I didn't cry, but er'one else did!!!!!!! It comes out this weekend. Everyone needs to go!!! It is showing in price, so be there or.... don't, but if you don't, then you miss out!!!!!!

      Okay, so the meat of my letter! I just wanted to share some thoughts about conference. First, I have a testimony that my mission president is called of God and that he is supposed to be here in the TLM. Everything he has been teaching us the past few months of him being here was talked about in conference!!!

     So, a few things that stood out to me: Shoot! Everything about the sacrament was just amazing!!!! So, so, so, great!!!! Today for personal study I was going over my notes and re-writing some of my thoughts. Here was some personal revelation I had. So each week we have a blank piece of paper… totally white and pure. Throughout the week we punch holes in our paper so it has lots of holes. It's not white and perfect anymore. The paper represents our bodies. Each Sunday we take our imperfect body to church when the sacrament is administered through a deacon acting as Christ; as if he is giving us a new piece of paper to put in front of the one with holes. He doesn't take it way because we need to have it as a reminder, but each week as we go get more pieces of paper we build a thicker barrier between sin and us. Each sacrament we need to remember those sins so we don't do them again. I don't know if this can be considered doctrine, but I liked it!!!
     I also loved Che Hung Wong: the one about rescuing those sick with palsy. I also studied that in personal study!!! WOW! The scriptures are amazing! People here in the Bible Belt think they know everything about the Bible!!! Bet they don't know that!!!!!! But it is true how we have to work together!!!

I just don't have enough time to write about everything I loved, but here is my final thought through personal revelation given to me by the Spirit. It was as President Monson was speaking. The thought not applicable to anything he said… the thought was, "Sister Dawes, you have about 23 weeks left on your mission... that's not very long... then, I hear President Monson say, "Be more valiant disciple...." so...... with that... I am now at the end of my race. Springing to the end... I don't have anytime to waist anymore... so run, run, run, as fast as I can!!!

Love y’all so much!!!

Have a great week!!!