Monday, August 25, 2014

Brinne's Weekly Letter 8.25.14

Hello Friends and Family,

Wow, this is going to be quite the transfer!!! Sister Brunt and I get along so well!!! So many great things are going to be happening! Last week, on Monday, we had a Zone Conference call. The Zone Leaders told us of a goal all the leaders of the mission have set. They told us that by the end of the year this mission wants to have 625 convert baptisms-- last year we had a goal of 500 and we got 505--- They then invited all of us to pray in our companionship to set a goal of how many we want to get in this transfer and then pray individually to seek inspiration about how many the Lord wants us to find by the end of the year..... So here is why this is going to be quite the transfer.........

Sister Brunt and I have set the goal of bringing 5 Souls unto Christ by 9.23.14....... 5 let's break that down a bit...... IT TOOK 9 MONTHS FOR ME TO GET TO 5 NOW WE ARE GOING TO GET 5 IN ONE TRANSFER!!!!  (And I have not quite yet figured out how many by the end of the year. I am thinking 7) so here was our week....


So, I will walk you through the week- this AMAZING week we had 11 new investigators. THAT’S THE MOST I'VE EVER HAD...

Monday: We had a lesson with a recent convert, Janie, and her granddaughter Clarissa, and her boyfriend Rob. So Clarissa had a 2-year old baby (both R&B are 18) R is not the daddy. C doesn't have custody of the baby right now. R&B live together at R's house.... So we talked to them about how the gospel can bless their relationship if they let it. We set up a return appointment. They called it a "couples meeting" for Thursday. I'll get to that lesson.

Tuesday- we went to one of our out-lying towns, Olton- We contacted for about 4 hours. We contacted into a 14 year old girl named Gabby. We asked her why she felt there were so many churches on the earth today. She answered spot on. She said she has been going to a Methodist church for a few months, but her parents drive almost an hour away to Hart each Sunday to go to a Spanish church, but she doesn't speak Spanish, so she doesn't go. We taught about the restoration and she thought it was very interesting. We set up another appointment for 8.26.14. We hope she reads the Book of Mormon--- pray for that. We got so lost in this little town. We lost our car. It was hot and we had to drive to get home. It was getting late and Sis Brunt was hungry, so as we are searching for "Ruby," our car. I just start running in circles to get some enthusiasm! And as I am running getting some energy, we run into 2 other men (in my mind my voice read the part in the white handbook that says, "Always be mature in your conduct...." Well great!.... Anyway, so we started talking to Jesus and Louis. They were kinda thugs-- mostly Jesus-- but we taught the Restoration right there and set up another appointment.... Pray that goes through!

Wednesday- we had a lesson with a contact.  His name is Buddy- We were about 10 min late -our fault- He said, "I almost gave up on ya'll." Turns out a few years ago missionaries said they would come back and never did.... taught Restoration. He just converted to Catholicism, so he could marry his wife in that church... He doesn't think she will listen and they are always busy!!! We really need to teach families! Pray that we can teach both of them.
      That night we were going to a lesson with a guy named George. He got there early so we were contacting around. We found a man named Max- Max was recently "saved" and has changed his life a lot in the past 3 weeks. To get to the point, George never showed up so we had a lesson with Max… And it was amazing... Mostly concerned he'll be anti-- pray that doesn't happen :( We haven't had contact with him at all.....

Thursday- Lesson with R&C- We decided to teach The Plan of Salvation for this "couple’s lesson." C's sister, Brieann, joined us. Brianne is 16 and also has a baby, but she adopted her daughter to another family. So, we taught The Plan of Salvation. They each loved it. We thought that would be the best because we feel these kids just need to know who they are and have an eternal perspective...... They ate it up. We set bap dates with them. Then “it” came up...... THE LAW OF CHASTITY........ This was like the first time on my mission where we have really in-depth talked about the law of chastity and the benefits of keeping it and all that jazz.... C&R were not too thrilled-- B LOVED IT. This week I have been pondering a lot on how lucky I have been to have been raised with good morals and standards. I am so grateful I know who I am and why I am here. I have that eternal perspective that these kids are missing... Saturday we were supposed to have another lesson with them, but apparently Rob got Violent with Clarissa (nothing new- both of the girl’s boys are abusive--- another awful thing) So now R is in Jail and Bandy never came to the lesson :( So please pray for these girls. They need the gospel. We had an amazing lesson planned for them....... We know they need this so much.

Skip Friday

Saturday was a HARD day. We didn't have too many lesson, but the ones we had were just awful. They were not productive, and it just broke our hearts, and I broke down at the end of they day. We were supposed to go see a less-active at 8, but I couldn't handle going to another lesson that I knew wouldn't be productive, so we went and re-scheduled. I had to take a min. to pray and I read a little in the scriptures. The scriptures opened to a chapter that was meant just for me. I needed it right then. It gave me strength to keep on going. It was about 8:30. We decided to go out and contact. We found Hope and David, set bap dates with them right then and there…. They were supposed to come to church....they didn't come.

Sunday: We were supposed to have 7 people at church, only one came- Jacob is a referral. Earlier this week we got a call from Washington State from a member saying his friend is moving down to Plainview to play baseball for the Baptist College here. He has been meeting with missionaries and has a Mormon girlfriend. He wants to know more. He has problems with the priesthood. We met with him this week. He really wants to know this for him and not for his girl or friends, so we think this can be the perfect time for him.

Family, we need lots of prayers. We are praying and planning like I've never done before. I am expecting miracles-- now we just need to go find them. Please pray that we can be lead and directed, and that we can be exactly obedient to be worthy of the Spirit at all times.

Amazing things are going to happen.
Have a great week!

Love ya,
Sis Daw

P.S. The thumb wrap is for a sprained has been swollen (for 2 weeks) from sitting on it wrong when she was helping the 2 girls pack to move to Utah. She finally got it x-rayed...and it is NOT broken.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plainview Texas 8.18.14

Well hello everyone!

      Wow, it has been a great week :) I am so happy to be here in Plainview! I have a feeling I will be finishing my mission out here :) Most sisters that come to this area stay for generally 7 months. This area got sisters a year ago, and since then, it has just boomed!!! So many great things- I am in a branch. There are 10 pages of names on the ward roster! And the majority of the members are less-actives...

     Less-actives are my favorites! When I was in Midland, I prayed to Heavenly Father that He would send me some less-actives to love. Well, Heavenly Father does answer prayers :)

We have an amazing teaching pool! Plainview covers a lot of outlying towns. So, the other day we were in a little town called Floydata at a less actives house (I'm going to love her so much-- she is amazing!) We were near the end of our conversation and I had this feeling almost like a baby heart attack (the spirit) saying, Sister Dawes, you need to go see -(can't remember his name-- he was a potential).” So we weren't done and I said, "I'm so sorry, but the Spirit is telling me that we need to go see so-and-so. Can we say a prayer please."

We prayed and we went to his house. He wasn't there, so we looked around--- across the street was a park, and sitting on a bench was a young man. We went up and started talking to him. This conversation went on for 40 min probably.  We ended up setting a bap date. He seemed legit. He was supposed to come to church. We called the phone number he gave us. It was for his sister’s phone. She said he was gone for the month? It was weird, and whereas we live 30 min away from Floydata would y’all help by praying that we can come in contact with Ryan.. I know we were supposed to find him that day :) The Spirit is amazing!!!!

There is so much hope for this little town. It reminds me of home so much. Lol. It looks like Castle Dale and functions like Price :) It's a lot of fun! There is a prophesy that in 20 years Plainview will be a stake :) So, that is probs the coolest thing ever:) Right now I get to be apart of making it a ward :) Pray that we find those elect here, be it investigators or less-active members. :)

The church is true!
Have a wonderful week :)

<3 Sister dawes

Monday, August 11, 2014

Brinne is Being Transferred 8.11.14

Hello Friends and Family!!!

Today’s theme of the letter will be, “The Lord’s hand is in the small things.”

Well, what a week! So, to start off, Saturday was transfer calls!
Mama Dunham will be going home tomorrow :( Let’s talk about my posterity calling her blessed!!! She is amazing and Heavenly Father knew I needed to be with her and she needed to be my mom! She is amazing and I love her so much! She has been with me though the thick and thin of my mission. She was there when I didn't want to be on a mission, when I wanted to be a missionary and when missionary work was AT IT’S HARDEST!!!!!  She has been though it all. The Lord answered my prayers. 1st, I got to kind of "kill her" (She was my STL- so we got to go on exchanges and we got to talk on the phone) and I GET TO RIDE ON THE TRANSFER BUS WITH HER!!!!!!!!! A.K.A. I'M BEING TRANSFERED!!!!
I will be going to Plainview, TX IN THE LUBBOCK ZONE -The Lord answered that prayer! Ever since I left Lubbock I wanted to go back!! Lubbock #thepromised land!!!!!!!! My companion is Sister Brunt. She came out with Skeeter :)

Now for the greatest news of my life!!!!  

At 9:00 P.M.  sharp on Saturday  we got a call from President Heap. He asked for Ski....... (Scary!!!!! He extended a special call to her!!!!! ) MY BABY IS A STL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is taking after her Grandma (Mama Dunham) being called as a STL her 3rd transfer!! #sheisboss!!!!!!!!!!!!  She will stay here and Sister Brown (Sister Dunham’s current companion will come here) YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! Ski is so great!!! I am so grateful I was able to be with her and that I got to be her trainer. I tried my absolute best!!!!!!!!!!! I think she turned out alright and apparently so does the Lord!!! :) She will be an amazing leader here in the TLM!!!

Next amazing story-

You might remember Mckayla and Lexi. They got baptized last transfer. Their grandma is a member in Utah. Their mom was a member but now hates the church, and their dad is not a member. Their brother is on a mission in Detroit. Well, when we met them they were living with their dad, and his CRAZY girl friend. It was not a good environment for kids. Their parents were working all the time and when they weren't working they were drunk and it was just a really sad hard environment. Mckayla and Lexie were raising themselves. So the ward stepped in, and well, the girls moved back to Utah on Friday! They are living with Grandma who will take them to church every Sunday and will be amazing examples to them!!!!! I know this email doesn't do justice so how the story really is but some things will just be better telling you in person! So, we will just have to wait for that!!!!!!

I prayed that Heavenly Father would send me to some less actives to love (because Less actives are my favorite) The Lord answered my prayer :) Plainview is a small branch with many less actives-- now I have to go find another Josie and Candice to love :) 

This is a really scattered--- not that greatest letter, but I have to go pack up a storm!!!! I love you so much!!!!!

Love Sister Dawes

Picture #1: Satterfield's giving Brinne a group hug before she is transferred. (Sister Satterfield sent mom these pictures letting her know of her gratitude in having me serve. 
Email from Sister Satterfield: "Hello. This is Ana Satterfield. Your daughter gave me your email so I can share a few photos of our first official home evening. She is truly magnificent and will be missed. I hope to stay in touch as she has had a huge impact on our lives. Thank you so much for supporting her throughout her mission. I'm sure we are but a few of the lives that she has impacted.
Attached are photos of my children. Jacob is the oldest. Then Jazmynn and the twins, Juliana and Jupiter posing with their "Armor" to protect them. We met Sister Dawes on the day of my son's baptism. This is her playing the piano. Also, attached are pictures we took last night for her last visit with us. Thanks again. You have a wonderful daughter and you should be so proud:)

Sister Ludwinski's mom sent my mom this clipart picture and said, "Look, it's Sister Dawes and Sister Lunwinski!!!" How cute is that?!?!?!

 Packing up Lexi and Mckayla so they can move to Utah.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Brinne's Letter 8.4.14

What a week!!!
      Well, I have to be a little honest here. Wednesday was a HARD DAY for me..... It still doesn't seem real ,but my little brother is in the MTC..... WHAT!!! I think the most difficult thing was the fact that for the past 3 years for Family Home Evening we would always sing, "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" or "Families Can Be Together Forever." In my mind’s eye I always imagined going to the MTC to drop Derrick off..... And when I realized that I was on a mission and wouldn't get to participate in that activity my emotions took over. I did a lot of praying that day. Luckily, we were able to go over to a sister in the ward’s house and we were able to serve her for a little while, and I was able to get my mind off of it. I kept looking at my watch and thinking...., “10 min till he goes”...... “He is there,” “Shoot, he is probs eating dinner in the MTC,” “He has a companion!!! Eeekkk!” All of those thoughts were just overwhelming because I've been there- done that!!!!!! And wow... I can't wait to continue to get his letters because just from this one I can tell he is maturing so much!!! I hope you are sending him lots of letters in the MTC!!

Anyway, so biggest story of this week..... And I have to say I am so proud of Ski--- Also, transfer calls are next week FYI- so it might be good to send letters to the mission home… although I am pretty confident I am staying (might be training again... we will see)--- So, last week we contacted into a guy. We asked him if he had ever talked to missionaries before... He said, "Why yes... ACTUALLY I AM ONE!!!" Shoot dang! So we ask about his mission work. He goes to foreign places and builds churches and teaches people how to preach.... So that's great.... We asked when we could come back...... To make a long story short....BAD IDEA!

A few days later we have a lesson set up with him. However, only his wife is there...... Eeekkkkk!! Here is how it goes...: Her talking the whole time about grace then read us the story of Elijah and then prayed to God about the story of Elijah.... Best part of the whole "discussion", our member sat up straight and said... " These young woman are representatives of Jesus Christ, they embody him and everything he stands for. I admonish you to listen to them because I know their message is true...." BEST MEMBER OF MY LIFE AWARD??? I THINK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The woman didn't listen and kept on going, so basically Ski sat up and said something to the effect of..... “We are here to teach this. Are you willing to hear this message? Connie said, “No.”  Ski basically said, “Well then, our job here is done....” Connie still talked... It TOOK FOREVER TO GET OUT, but I was so proud of these 2 wonderful women!!! Wow, for as crazy of a lesson as it was… it was amazing......

So that is the story of this week.

On Saturday, Ski and I went to get blessings because we were needing them. Something really cool that Heavenly Father said to me was how privileged I am to be able to serve shoulder to shoulder with my brother! He encouraged us to write to each other to uplift and help each other!!!!!! So, DERRICK, HERE I COME! GOD COMMANDED IT SO YOU MUST DO IT!!!! :)

I love y’all so much! Have a great week!!!!

<3 Sister Dawes

P.S. SisSki's Mom sent a Popsicle Maker!!