Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter 6.30.14- Been Kinda Rough:/


Such a great week! I can't wait to explain it all to you so let’s just get started.

So these past few months have been REALLY HARD. I don't really know why but I think I am not used to doing the same thing for so long. Like when I went to college it was on for 3- off for 3. When I was a nanny it was for 3 months. I hadn't done the same things everyday for 10 months. So that along with some other things has been hard. My ALACRITY (eagerness…Side note: Mom had to look that word up in the dictionaryJ Haha!) and enthusiasm for the work has been low and I have just not been truly happy within myself and I didn't know why!!! It was so frustrating! And I didn't know how to get out of it. So this week the zone leaders called.
Bless their souls… they tried to be really nice and be helpful but it backfired.
So it's the first week of the transfer so they give each of the sisters a call to pump us up.... Well this one was awkward. They got on the phone and said...
 "Do y’all have a mirror at your house...?"
 (We are sisters…. of course we have a mirror!)
 "We want ya both to go and stand in front of it.
 (okay- we get there)
 "What do y’all see" -MIND YOU THESE ARE ELDERS.... SO AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---- We respond, “Sister Missonaries------“
"We want y’all to look even deeper..............What do you see?"
___ First of all, this is awkward so we really aren't participating. So we just stand there..........
Finally we jump though the hoops of this game and hang up.

___ Here is where it goes wrong. If they really wanted to know what I saw they would have been on the phone for a while and they can't even help struggling sisters, so I didn't tell them and I held it in. (Well not well because Siski knew something was wrong and eventually some other sister knew. So anyway..... I didn't do anything about it.
The next day after continuing to struggle I went to take a nap during my lunch and the STLs (sister training leaders sister Dunham/Brown) called, and they said:
Sister Dawes, are you alone?
I said, “Yes.” They said, “We have been thinking a lot about you lately. Are you okay......?” #inspiredsisters I tell them no and tell them what happened. So then my mom (Sister Dunham) was like, “Well Sister Dawes, when you looked in the mirror what did you see?”
So here I am sobbing on the phone… telling them how exhausted I am and how unenergetic I am, and really how I am just tired!!!!!! They gave me great words of advice. Then there was a pause and Sister Brown got on the phone and said, “Sister Dawes, I want you to do something. Every hour of every day for a while, if not your whole mission, I want you to take 5 min. of that hour and read the Book of Mormon.” She promised me that if I did that I would be given the strength to get though the next hour.

WELL, I NOW HAVE A TESTIMONY THAT! THE BOOK OF MORMON GIVES YOU STRENGTH BEYOND YOUR OWN CAPABILITIES! As I have taken 5 min from my hour to read I naturally start out with a prayer so I am praying more than I ever have, and I am reading more than I ever have, and I am being strengthened! It is a miracle!!!


So Saturday the Missionaries were in charge of putting on a WARD BBQ............ NOT A MISSIONARY’S RESPONSIBILITY TO COORDINATE A BBQ...... Well, it being summer and all so many ward members were out of town.... A lot of things fell though. But on a good note we had 3 investigators there and so that = success. And all three were Baptists.
And that is over so that will take away a lot of my stress...
Also, we were asked to teach the 5th Sunday lesson, so that was crazy stressful because we were trying to work with 3 new elders to the ward and SHOOT DANG-- IT WAS HARD. Nonetheless... the Spirit took over. The lesson was AMAZING… and it ended in tears.

For all that read this…  I am gaining a testimony of ACTIVE member lessons and of teaching active members the message of the restoration. "As your testimony of the atonement and of Jesus Christ’s gospel grows your desire to share the message will increase."


Anyway, I am growing everyday and my testimony is growing!!!
We have such a huge week. On Wednesday we get to meet President Heap!
So that is exciting!

Have such a great week. Love, y’all!!!  

1) The new district...but the camera was on a timer and they didn't hold still.
2)  The headbands that Mckayla and Lexi made us 

Monday, June 23, 2014

River Wadley 6.23.14

Hello Friends and Family,

     Quite a bit has and will continue to happen! This week we say goodbye to President and Sister Augustin. Wow! They are stellar, amazing missionaries. Their obedience and exactness helped this mission grow and achieve new goals. Last year we had 504 convert baptisms, and as of right now we are exceeding that!!!! Saturday, Sister Ludwinski experienced her real very first baptism. Mckayla and Lexi ages 13 and 10 entered the waters of baptism after years of wanting to. Things just never worked out. They lived in Utah with their grandmother and aunt for a few years. Their older brother is serving a mission in Detroit!!! And HE GOT TO CALL THEM ON THER BAPTISM DAY!!!!! Oh, how the Lord loves us!!!! They were gleaming with so much joy and the spirit was radiating from them!!! It was wonderful! The ward has been SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING. It was so funny. So their dad and future step mom aren't too fond of them being baptized, but they are supportive. Anyway they came to sacrament to see them be confirmed then left. They came back to get them after church and their future step mom was like, "Well me and their dad are at Texas Roadhouse and we are going to be eating. I guess the girls will just sit and watch us eat because, apparently, they don't make other people work on Sundays. Not because I am a christian Christian and your a MORMON CHRITIAN." ......................... OKAY!!!!!!!!!! BUT, OH I WAS SO PROUD OF THOSE GIRLS STANDING UP TO HER AND SYAING THEY WERE GOING TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY! THEY WILL BE BLESSED.

So on Wednesday, I believe it was, it rained A LOT!!!!!! Like A LOT A LOT. We were at a member’s house and it just started pouring... So we were like, “Well, I guess we will be staying here for a little while.” We waited a minute for it to settle down. When it did we got in our car and started home. It didn't take long to realize we should have stayed. The water was flooding the streets everywhere in areas. We were driving in water up to our door... Then we get to the street WE HAVE TO CROSS in order to get home. We see a bunch of stalled cars in the middle of it just waiting to be taken by "RIVER WADLEY!!" When we saw it we thought...,”Ehhhh betta not...” So we back-tracked down to another area. Long story short, it is 9:30 pm at this time and we needed to get home. So we had to leave our car across the street and we had to walk though River Wadley so we could get home. Let’s just say water was up past our knees and I was stressing out that my shoes were going to be swept away by the strong current #closestthing #i'mgettingtogoswimming :) 

Something so amazing happened last night. We were out contacting last night and NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! We were out for an hour and talked to 1 person, so we were like, “What do we need to be doing?” We thought, “Go see Chris (a recent convert).” We have been told by the ward to really only go see him once a month (long story). Well, month is almost over and we haven’t seen him. So we went over. It is about 8:30 pm. We get to his door and his neighbor said he went to the hospital-- he had a stroke yesterday... So after getting lost we found the hospital. We were debating whether or not to go because, side note, we had a short transfer (5 weeks).. So, last night was transfer calls. Siski and I are staying in Midland for the next 7 weeks). Anyway on transfer night you’re supposed to get home early incase they call, but we were like, “No we need to go to the hospital. Maybe we can just get his room number.” So after a little while we get his room number. It was 8:57 when I looked at my clock. I was like, “What should we do? Go up and pray with him then leave, or just leave and come back tomorrow?” Siski said, “Go up and pray with him.” So we went up there. When we got there his mom was there and she said, “How did you find him? I have been trying to talk to him all day about who I can call from his church so they know, but he can't talk and he doesn’t have any number saved in his phone. How did you know to come???” WELL, THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO YEA, SHE STARTED TO CRY AND TONIGHT WE ARE GOING TO GO WITH MEMBERS TO GIVE A BLESSING AND TRY TO TEACH A RESORTATION LESSON!!!!!
Anyway, I love y’all so much! Have a great week!!!!


Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th --- Daddy's Birthday!!

June 16…What does that mean????? It’s the Greatest Man On Earth’s Birthday!!!!!

SHOUT out to my dad!!!! He is turning..... well, I don't really know… but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

So, this week has been crazy! I was able to go on exchanges with Mama Dunham! It was so wonderful! We were able to talk about overcoming trials and using the atonement to change our lives!!! It was a wonderful exchange for me. But an even better one for Sister Ludwinski. She came back a new missionary! Like, she was legit before, but she came back from Odessa and just Contacts like a BOSS!!!! I AM LEARNING SO MUCH FROM HER!!!!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

I just wanted to share one miracle story of this week because it reminds me that God has things planned out further in advance than we even think.
So, Mckayla was able to go to Girls Camp with the Odessa Stake. She LOVED IT!!!! IT WAS SO AMAZING TO SEE HER! SHE WAS GLOWING!!!!!!!! When she came home she told us of all the friends she made and all the numbers she got. She told us of the leaders who helped her so much….and all of the spiritual experiences she had!!! Ohhh, this was so wonderful!!!!!!!!!  Well, yesterday we were at church and one of the really kind, amazing leaders gave Mckayla a very nice, huge quad. Hardly used. Well, her little sister Lexi saw that and was like... “Do you know if I get one of those? And our missionary minds we were thinking.... “Oh my goodness........ so kind of the leader, but eeeekkk-- now we are put in a very awkward situation... What do we do??? So we talked to the Primary President... and she said... “You'll never guess... there has been a BRAND NEW, not one marking in them, nobodies name engraved in them, nothing quad sitting under the primary podium for 1 1/2 years. We have tried to find their owner but nobody has claimed them..... So I guess they are Lexi’s!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! RANDOM BEAUTIFUL SCRIPTURES JUST CHILLING THERE WAITING FOR LEXI TO OWN..... The lord knew her and knew her desires 1 1/2 years ago.
The Lord truly does know each of us and he loves us!!!!
They will be baptized next Saturday at 7 pm.
God is a God of miracles.

This gospel is so wonderful and so full of hope!!!! I love this church!!!

Love Sister Dawes  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Wow! It is amazing how time flies! This week Siski celebrated her 1 month! We went to Bahama Bucks and got huge slushies!!! And we got sick after!

Not too many things have happened. Ayo and Adi are on vacation in Houston for a month so they won't be making their baptism date darn it. But in a month we should both still be here and we will keep on teaching them!!!!

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was very AMAZING and VERY SAD. This was our last time seeing President and Sister Augustin! Bitter-sweet. It's been amazing to see how much work and change has happened in the mission since he has been president! After Zone Conference Siski and I just went and tore Midland up!!! We have been doing VERY well with our morning finding. They aren't panning out, sadly, but we have shared the First vision in morning findings at least 2-3 times a day!!!!! It has been awesome. We keep trying and keep praying one day they will accept the gospel.  

Yesterday was quite the event.
We went to church at 7:30 for meetings. Half way through the lights started to flicker on and off. At 9:00 church started (we were trying to get Mckayla and Lexie there- Their stepmom wanted to bring them.) Well, sacrament started and they weren't there. Lights are flickering, the mic doesn't work, then it started to smell like smoke! So at about 10:00 Bishop was like... “I think we are going to end church for the day. Everyone outside.”  Then Mckayla and Lexie were like, “We are here!” lol!! So we were like, “Well, they need to come to church. There is another church down the road.” So 11 o'clock church here we go!!!! (We think and AC unit blew in our church- NBD) So we get to the 11:00 church and come to find out it is YSA ward!!! So we have a 10-13- and 45 year old there!!!! Sweet!!!! They left right after the sacrament- Tender mercy because they did a testimony meeting and everyone was using the phrase “ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHRUCH”- and although that is true their step mom would have been highly offended!!!!! So it was good they didn't say!!!
Then I was not feeling well last night so I went to bed early and wow. It is great to sleep!!!! :)

Anyway I don't have much more to say! This week has been great and TOMORROW I GET TO DO EXCHANGES WITH MAMA DUNHAM!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!! MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

I hope y’all have a great week!
Love, Sister Dawes

The following is an email from Candace, one of Brinne’s investigators from Clovis, NM. (Brinne felt like Candace was the reason for Brinne serving in Clovis.)

Today was our first FHE alone. It was sad and small, but we did it!! Joe helped me out (woohoo!) and we taught Jemma about blessings and how you receive them. It turned out well I think.

I am so sad we didn't get to say goodbye to you. We miss you soooo much, but know you are gone for a very good reason.

I need to tell you that plans have changed. The kids and I are moving to Lincoln, Nebraska on June, 23. We rented a little house with a basement. Joe's sister Mary Kate will be moving in with us. She is a nanny for two families and is going to school for childcare. (Sound familiar?!)Her goal is to be a stay at home mom with a few other kids to tend. It will be nice to have another "adult" around for company.

I plan on visiting you when you get home, and we can still go through the temple together!!

I miss you so much and am so thankful you came on your mission. You have been such a huge impact in my life, and helped me get so much closer to who I want to be. Thank you for all of your teachings and words that you didn't even know affected me. I hope you continue to have great luck. You touch many lives and hearts more than you know!

Till we meet again...

Candace and Jemma

(I hope you can watch this video of her naming her blessings)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Letter From President Augustin

This letter was a nice surprise to get in the mail today!

6.2.14 - Short Letter

Hello Friends and Family!

Such a great week!!!!!! Siski and I are learning so much from each other! Today’s letter is going to be really short because I really don't feel like writing and I need to figure out how to get my pictures from my camera to my thumb drive... so yea...

We had such a great week!!! McKayla and Lexie are doing so well!! McKayla came to church yesterday and is going to be going to girls camp next week!!!!!! Her baptism is scheduled for the 21st!!!

Ayo and Adi also came to church!!! They are doing so well!! We found out Ayo is married--- what the what!!!! Adi also has a bap date for the 21st!!!! so it is great!!!

We are also teaching a guy from Iraq and kind of teaching a family that only speaks Burmese... I don't even know now to spell it.... We got pamphlets in their language. We hope they will be able to feel of the message and that God will make miracles happen :) So great!!!

We have had many MEAN morning finds this week :( Been a little rough...
but so many miracles are happening! Our teaching pool is doing so well!!!! HARD WORK!!

HERE IS MY HARD WORK STORY FOR THE WEEK... SO, the 28th was my 9 month mark… crazy crazy crazy. So at nightly planning I told Siski.... “Well Siski, we are going to do it.... we are going to work our guts out and we are going to get 20 morning finds on my 9 month mark....... She nearly died...... Well, I am happy to report..... WE GOT 20 MORNING FINDS AND OUR 20TH ONE WAS AT 9:00 PM!!!! WE FOUND 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS AND LET’S JUST SAY.... WE LITTERALY WERE SICK THAT NIGHT. I JUST MOANED ON MY BED ALL NIGHT BECAUSE MY BELLY HURT SO BAD. WE WERE JUST WORKIN, WORKIN, WORKIN!!! AND IT IS GETTING HOT!!!!!!!

So, I know it is a short letter, but I am doing so great!!! Siski and I are doing amazing! Being bold and building a great relationship!!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Sisdaw