Monday, November 24, 2014

Brinne's Letter 11.24.14

Hello Everyone!

This week has been quite interesting. I bet everyone who has other missionary friends are going to hear about this, so it must be important!! The “HE IS THE GIFT” initiative.

On Friday, we were asked to come to the mission office for a random special meeting... We had no idea what it was for.... (Some of us thought iPads or that the prophet was coming.... both were very wrong.) In fact, we will not be getting iPads until maybe early next year....)  So, at the conference we were introduced to an initiative put out by the church called “HE IS THE GIFT.” It's going to be HUGE!!!!!  It's a 3 minute video about how Christ truly is the first gift of Christmas, and how important the Savior was. We were able to watch the video. I just got cold chills as soon as the music played. The spirit of it is so strong. We are using it as a proselyting technique this month, and we are going to be counting how many new investigators we get from it. We have special pass along cards and er’thing... but here is the greatest part...

Well, there are a lot of greatest parts...., The church has so much faith in this initiative that on DECEMBER 7th they are doing a "YouTube Takeover," where they have bought the big advertisement on YouTube and that video is what will show on it! 220 million people will see it!!! ALL IN ONE DAY!!! BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE BIGGEST THING... ON NEW YEARS--- WHEN THE BALL DROPS--- GUESS WHAT AMERICA AND OTHERS WILL SEE???..... THE “HE IS THE GIFT” BEING BROADCASTED ON THE ENORMOUS SCREENS IN NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!

Next awesome thing: In your Ensign you'll be getting a packet talking about this initiative, and there are 9 pass-along cards!!!! YOU LIVE IN UTAH… I DON'T CARE!! TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS VIDEO AND GIVE THEM A CARD! SHARE YOUR TESTIMONEY OF CHRIST AND HOW IMPORATNT HE IS FOR YOU... FIND SOMEONE FOR YOUR MISSONARIES TO TEACH!!!!! I have so much faith in this... If it is that important for our tithing money to go towards, there must be a HUGE vision being seen! Please participate! And on Friday the video will be on Look it up.

On Thursday we were biking around trying to talk to people. We were able to find 2 new less-active families! I LOVE LESS-ACTIVES!!!!!!!!!  We will see how things go with them!!! Pray for the NEESLIN family and brother GREEN. Both are the LA's we found...

Now NEW INVESTIGATING FAMILY!!!!! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!  I swear I haven't taught a family in ever!!!!!!!!! So, on Thursday, we were contacting, and we contacted into Charlotte. She was walking home with her sons from school, and we just stopped and talked. She said she had talked to Mormons before, and she asked what things she wouldn't be able to do. They said drink tea and then she made a joke. Anyway, she said she was raised a Southern Baptist and they were very rude to her... Called her “Charlotte the Harlot”..... WOW CLASSY! So she doesn't like that one. Then she went to some Baptist churches, but they don't like the fact that she has pagan beliefs... 

So, anyway, she said she wanted to come to church, and we were like okay.  (We get that a lot… we don't hold our breath.) So, on Saturday, we asked if we could come over. She said yes, so we went and SHE WAS SINCERE ABOUT CHURHC!!! WOW! So we got her and her husband and 2 kids a ride!!! We talked more about what Pagans believe. And on Sunday they really came!!!!!!Aand THEY LOVED IT!!! THEY SAID THEY DIDN'T FEEL JUDGED! (and their neighbor happens to be a member.) AND THEY MADE A FEW FRIENDS! AND THEIR NEIGHBOR FRIENDS INVITED THEM OVER TO DINNER AFTER THANKSGIVING!! ALL SORTS OF GREAT STUFF.

Last night we went over and we were going though the plan of salvation… seeing where they believe we came from. (That's all we got to talk about in the 50 min we were there.) Turns out, we believe in A LOT of the same things… we just explain things different, and we believe in one God that covers all of their Gods. So, we hope that we will be able to connect dots in their minds and be able to see the truths in what we share. It'll be awesome! Pray for Charlotte, Jason, Ronnin, and Malique :) It is so great!!

We are hoping to be able to go to the temple this week, or next, to see a family in the ward be sealed!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!! Praying that will happen!!!

Anyway, have a great week! I love y’all!!

<3 Sister Dawes

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