Monday, November 17, 2014

We Need Your Prayers

Hello Everyone!!!!
I heard it snowed a little while ago! Well, here is the weather report here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday FREEZING!!!!!!!! BELOW 40'S WITH LOTS OF WIND!! Saturday, blue sky.. 70's. Sunday, SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FREEZING!!!!!! Wow! I was not prepared for this kind of weather. We had a very mild summer so we are expecting to have an awful cold winter. I went and got 2 more pair of fleece-lined tights and a scarf and boots... Luckily, I had gloves. And I have a small rain jacket!!! So that is a lot of fun!!

We really don't have investigators right now. We are in “finding mode.” Some have requested that I give you specific names of people to pray for. However, we just don't have specific names. We do, however, need some prayers. The first month of December the Lubbock Stake does the enormous nativity where they have more than 800 nativities displayed, live choirs from all denominations, and it is a huge, huge, huge, thing! Tons of people from everywhere come and see. Here is where the prayers are needed. The ward gave us a HUGE list of people they don't know on their ward roster. They want us to go meet all of these people and get information for them and to invite them to the nativity. Will y’all pray that:
1-    We can find a less active member who wants to come back
2-    If a family that used to live there moved, pray that the new family will want to hear more?
3-    We can get some referrals from people who went to the nativity. We need people to teach and tracting just isn't cutting it. This is how we are hoping to be able to find the "low hanging fruit."

Tuesday we had zone conference! I took some questions and GOT THEM ALL ANSWERED!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Sunday, I was able to speak in church and lets just say I LOVE SPEAKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!  It was weird because I was the last one on the program and I was left with 5 min....... it was weird!!!! I AM USED TO BEING THE YOUTH SPEAKER!! I'M THE ONE TAKING PEOPLE’S TIME THEY DON'T TAKE MINE LOL!!!! But it was great!

I don't know if I told y’all about Clay last week, but he dropped us. We are thinking because of his wife... She is wicked..... so that was heartbreaking....

Anyway! Great things are going to happen :)
Hope y’all have a great week!!!

Love ya!

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