Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feeling a little DOWN:( But things are looking UP:)

I am so happy to be back here in Lubbock! So happy. It wasn't easy to leave Plainview. It's still not easy, but I am here.

Honestly, this is going to be an interesting transfer. The past week has been really hard. It's looking up a lot right now, and that's how I intend to make it stay. Lol.

(This e-mail is going to not be as “up beat” and chipper as most emails because it wasn't an upbeat and chipper week—However, I am fine and I am happy right now… so don't be concerned!)

Tuesday was difficult- I got to the transfer site and I got to say goodbye to a lot of my friends that went home this week. So that was great. However, I didn't get the welcoming excited welcome from my companion that I would have hoped to get. Lol! In fact, she didn't even say hello. So that was a little worry-some. We left the transfer site and went to go take my stuff home. It was dinner time, so we ate dinner. I didn't know what to eat so I was thankful for the Halloween package from Mom and Dad and Britt because that is what I have mostly been surviving on this week. (It eased up a little and I ate some other food, but really, that was a lot of my meals... munched on them a lot.) I am very happy it is Monday so I can go shopping!

Sister Hoover just has a very quiet personality. If she doesn't have anything important to say she just doesn't talk. Wo we sat in silence a lot. More than I've ever been used to. There were sometimes when I think she got frustrated with me, and I got frustrated with her. Yesterday, I was just not myself. I was frownie and sad because I was miserable.

Here's the good part:
We went to church. When we came home we had personal studies. For my personal study I took my patriarchal blessing and I looked into it deeply. I found words I wanted definitions to and I looked them up.
Like, I'm told I have a "strong personality." I'm not who I was acting like. I'm not timid or shy… that's not who God made me to be… so I looked up what “strong” meant. That helped. There were other words I looked up as well, but by the end of my studies I felt the spirit in my heart so warm and peaceful that God gave me my personality so he could use ME in missionary work. He needs my light, and my strong personality. He needs ME… not other people's personalities in me. It made me very happy to know that He made me the way he wanted to so, therefore, my loud, crazy personality is okay! So, since then, we had comp inventory. We were able to talk and get things out in the open. We are doing much better now and I am smiling again!!!!

I get to speak in sacrament meeting again Sunday, so that is great!!!
The church is true. The Lord puts us in situations to help us become stronger. He knows what we can do and I will do what he puts in front of me!!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love the lessons I get to learn! I wouldn't learn these anywhere else! So I am happy to be here!

Have a great week! I know I will!!!

Love, Sister Dawes

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