Monday, September 29, 2014

Muddy Missionaries 9.29.14

Hello Friends and Family!

    Well, it has been a great week! Sadly, the numbers don't show it #numbersdon'tmatter! lol! This week we spent a lot of our efforts trying to find service opportunities! A lot of CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN!

1. We went to The Salvation Army to see if they could use some service. ---Turns out they are a church, too, and don't like us. The guy was like trying to convince us to quit our missions and join the Salvation Army! He was like, "The only way you'll be useful to us is if you volunteer 3-4 times a week for 4 hours at a time......"       DO WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHO DOES THAT??! EVEN WHEN I AM HOME AND HAVE A LITTLE TIME I DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME!!! YA CRAZY!!!!! #NOTVOLENTEERINGATSALVATIONARMY

2. Really, the only people that have a service group is called the RSVP (The Retired Senior Volunteer Program) for seniors older than 55........ #notus, but we still went and tried! We will see if they give us a call!!!!!

3. We are also serving at a nursing home. Wednesday we went in because we were supposed to help with "floor games." However, when we got in the lady told us they had some people come in and they were singing to them........ 2 Baptist preachers singing praises with them... so what is the right thing to do!?!?!?!?! SING PRIASES WITH EM' OF COURSE!!!!!! #SOSOSOSOSOFUN!!! I had no idea what the tunes were, but we had a praise song hymn book and we were trying!!! Singing right along with Sister Phoebe (a resident) :) So fun! Then we went back on Friday to help with their monthly resident birthday party! Well, their live entertainment didn't show up, so guess what they got!?!?!?!?! SISTER DAWES PLAYING HYMNS AND SING'N TO EM!!! THATS RIGHT SONS AND DAUGHTERS!!!!!! PREACH THE GOSPEL THOUGH REVERENT MUSIC!!!!! :) SO SO SO FUN #WISHIHADPRACTICEDASAKID!!!

4. Later that day we were driving through the ally home for dinner--- It's been raining a lot lately…. so ally=MUD!!!!! But, I already knew how to avoid getting stuck so I did. However, our poor neighbors had also tried to use the ally and they were bad news bears stuck!!!! So we hurry and ran home to change from skirts to not skirts! Run over there and just kinda looked at it.... it is stuck-stuck.... so we try pushing it. Nothing! So we go to our other neighbor’s c’uz they have a truck and we ask them if they can pull them out. They said they don't have a rope... (Something I found out here in Texas---everyone has a truck but NOBODY has a rope.... WHAT THE WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO WITH THE TRUCK!! DRIVE IT FOR LOOKS!!! NO WAY!!!!!) So they come and admire the mess with us and they don't want to get muddy… so they admire... then we are trying to call all of our members and NOBODY is answering so we resort to the last people...... our 90 year old man Brother Davis... He said he had a chain, and by the grace of God, there was another member at his house who is not 90 and he was able to come help. However, they came in their work clothes and nobody wanted to get under the car to hook it up so ya know SisDaw... put her big girl chonies (panties) on and just laid in the mud--- hooked up that chain--- and let the truck do the rest..... (Mom, the pictures Brother Bacher sent you are the only ones I have, so please save them!!!!!

Anyway, wasn't the General Women’s Conference just lovely!?!?!! Wow! Sister Dawes cried the whole time... I don't know if it was because I felt the spirit so much or the reality of knowing next time I watch one I'll be home :( But wow! Here comes an amazing weekend to come!!!!! The thing I loved the most was how much the temple was talked about. As I listened, I truly thought about what President hHeap is trying to push "Beginning with the end in mind!!!" The need to get these people to the temple!!!!

Anyway, I love y’all so much!!! Have a great week! I hope you were able to laugh a little bit!!!! :)

Love, Sister Dawes!!

So this isn't certain at all, but tomorrow is zone conference #hopetheyareannouncingipads #fingerscrossed #inthesamezoneassiscrist #GETTOSEEHER!!!!!! #HOLLA@YOGURLS

P.S.I think Sister Brunt liked the MINION-aries!!!! This is what she wrote to her family:

Thank sis dawes's mom! shes so cute!!! I was just as excited about sis dawes's package as she was. LOVEEEEE TWINKIES...they are minion-aries!!!

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