Monday, September 15, 2014

Feelings of my Heart 9.15.14

Hello family!

    I hope all is well! I am so grateful to be a missionary! Today I don't have any particular experiences or anything that stands out, so I am just going to tell ya a little about what is happening in my mission and feelings I've been having!

   Miracles are happening in Lubbock Texas! Yesterday was a historical day for Lubbock! It was Stake Conference and Elder Tay came from the 70 (I think) under the direction of the prophet. He was instructed to make 2 stakes in the Lubbock area! Plainview is now apart of the Lubbock North Stake! And parts of New Mexico are a part of it too! So I am wondering if mission zones will be changing in the near future! So many miracles!

  We, in the TLM ,are working hard to bring souls unto Christ and bringing them back to His loving embrace! It was amazing to be able to go to the Saturday night session! It was different than any I had ever seen before! It was an open discussion for all to participate! There was one part that I LOVED! Elder _____ (can't remember his name) stood up and asked, "Will all the full time missionaries stand?" We stood. He asked, "How long are y’all out? 18-24 months??" he says. "That sounds part time to me....... Will all the full time missionaries stand up!?" Shoot! Dang! That hit it for me! Really everyone! We are the part time missionaries! We leave, you stay!

Something I've been thinking about as I descend in time left on the mission: I am thinking about who I want to be when I am home.
I want to be a person who loves service… a person who loves doing her callings… and one that the Lord can trust to do his most valued work.
As an "older missionary" I have had a change of heart and mind. I want to instill everything I've learned while out, but how can I do it when I won't be street contacting every day for a few hours? Something I thought about -- although I won't be going up to random people with the purpose of teaching the restoration, I will have the opportunity to be able to look for hidden opportunities to serve my neighbors and friends. So instead of counting contacts at home I can count how many times I offered service the way the Savior did. As I have changed that thought, my actions have changed. I now love to street contact because I am looking for ways to serve these people… be it weeding their weeds (lawns--- people have weeds and their lawn here), painting, or whatever it may be. That is a practical thing when I am home.

Also, this week we had the splendid opportunity to go to the nursing home and play BINGO with the residents. I remember doing service projects as a youth and HATING IT. But this week was fun because I loved those people. I wanted them to be happy. Although they won't understand the gospel I can still show them Christ-like love through my actions. And I know one of the nurses or workers will see it and wonder why we would give up time to come and serve at such a young age! I want to go home and volunteer in nursing homes! Offer some time to show these people love---- while strengthening my talent of LOUD SPEAKING!!!! BEING THE BINGO CALLER :) (That is an attribute I still have!!!)

This morning in studies I felt the spirit so strong as I took time to recognize how much of a blessing the gospel is in my life. It truly does make me happy and I love it with all of my heart. During studies I took time to thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be in such an amazing gospel with true happiness! My heart if full of love today!

I know this church is true.  I love being a missionary! And mom, I loved your story of inviting less-actives to earn some money! That will bless them. I know it will! The church is true. I know it is, and I will never be the same!


Sister Dawes

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