Monday, September 22, 2014

Staying in Plainview 9.22.14

Hello Friends and Family,
      I am so happy to report that transfer doctrine is what we expected! Sister Brunt and I got a text at 10:28 letting us know that we will be staying together here in Plainview! It's a good thing because we still have a lot to learn from each other. It will be a great experience!
      It's been raining like crazy over here--- literally and spiritually! Because of time I just want to share a story that happened last night :)
      We had an AMAZING sacrament meeting. Elder Fullmer, our DL, spoke. He is going home on Wednesday. Then President Roberts and PRESIDENT HEAP SHOWED UP! All 3 of them gave wonderful testimonies of missionary work. If I have time I am going to write a letter home about something President Heap taught us about! AMAZING!!!!! WOW!!!! But that isn't the story! So here it is!
      Two Saturdays ago we contacted into a lady named Tracy. She didn't show a ton of interest but wasn't opposed to us coming by, so we set a time to go by Tuesday at 8. So we went and took a member as we taught she and her boyfriend. They felt the spirit. We went back the next day and taught the plan of salvation and throughout the week we made contact with them everyday. Last night we went over at 8, as usual, for the lesson and something was just a little off. (Her boyfriend, Robert, is trying to recover from meth. He stopped last Saturday and is really trying to resist the temptation. We have been teaching him about how the gospel can help him.) So we were there trying to figure out what was going on and he told us that he is really thinking about going to get more help- going to a rehab- As he said that, a thought came to my mind- Spirit of course) "Go do a church tour." So I approached the idea of going to the church (They didn't come to church today). They were a little hesitant at first but agreed to go. They followed us. We got to the church at about 8:30 and we walked around for a second. Sister Brunt talked to them about why we don't have statues and how we focus on the resurrected savior opposed to the cross. As she finished we came to a beautiful picture of the savior sitting on a rock in front of a river holding a staff. She asked them how they thought he felt. They gave so many great insights, but the common answer was he looks calm and peaceful - 2 Feelings they don't feel- Before we went into the chapel we told them what they were going to expect. That it would be very simple and quiet. We told them that as we walked in they would feel calm and peaceful. We said, “As we walk n we are going to walk up to a table (sacrament table) and we are going to sit there in the quiet for about 2 min.” We invited them to just sit and feel the spirit.
     We opened the door, turned on the lights, and like a ton of bricks the spirit just hit us--- all of us. We walked up to the front and sat down. We sat there for a little bit and I wasn't really watching them (bad missionary). So I got up and started talking without really looking at them. I was going to start teaching about the sacrament and why we come to church. But my eyes fell and I saw two 30 year old people with the reddest and  teariest eyes. I asked them how they felt. Tracy said..."I don't really know, but for some reason it makes me want to cry." So we talked about that for a little bit then I taught about the sacrament and what it really means. And then we invited them so just sit and pray in the chapel because both of them were just sobbing with the spirit. We heard 2 children of God pleading to their heavenly father for help as they just sobbed. it was so amazing. they weren't praying out loud, but every now and then when they were gasping for air we heard children of God asking and pleading for help. I know what that is like, and it is a feeling they will never forget. After a little while we stood in front of them and asked them what they needed to do. They said they didn't ever want to leave- Robert said he needed to marry Tracy and that they needed to change. So we invited them to pray together and individually tonight and figure out what they need to do to change. Ultimately, we told them this feeling will go away. It will be gone- but it doesn't have to. Then we talked about baptism. We don't have a specific date, but I know they will. We talked to them about how they will never find another church that will have this same feeling, and it was amazing because Tracy said, "you guys are right, I have been to ----, -----,------ (churches) and I have never had this feeling. I know this is true."

I know this church is true. The spirit is real. And It leads and guides us. Now 2 humble children of God have had an experience with the Spirit that scholars  never have. This is the true and living church. It lives because God, Jesus, and the Spirit live and breathe. We got to experience it last night.

Dad, to answer your question in the email about the doctrine of Christ, yes. Because of the faith that these people have and the trust they had in Christ's missionaries they followed us to the church. They want to change and repent. They had an experience with the Spirit that now will drive them to change. As they change they will repent even more and have the pure desire to be baptized and to never have that feeling go away causing them to endure to the end.    This is Christ's simple pure doctrine. Of this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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