Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New President- New Rules

Hello Everyone!

As a missionary, I've come to really not love holidays that fall on Mondays... very annoying!!  Yesterday consisted of shopping for 1 hour then going home and writing letters. We did take a 3 hour nap though!! That is what happens when you’re in the boonies!!!

This week was a pretty slow week concerning not much has happened. So I will just tell you about ZONE CONFERENCE!!!

WOW! IT'S AMAZING TO SEE THE CHANGES IN THIS MISSION WITH A NEW PRESIDENT! A few changes: With President Agustin we had TONS of rules regarding meal appointments with members.  He wanted to push the idea of "feeding missionaries with referrals not food." A great concept, but it wasn't too well received. We had rules like, we can only eat at 3 member’s houses a week, only eat at the same member’s house once a month, and only meet with members who live in your assigned area. Therefore, nobody wanted us over at all because it was too complex and relationships were ruined quite a bit. Well, President Heap lifted all those rules and now we can BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE!!!

Also, there is a new shin-dig coming out; Justserve.org. It's a web site where people can ask for people to come serve them and it's strictly service. Nessa talked about it in her email too. (New mission presidents must be listening to the same meetings:) So we now have 10 hours of service A WEEK!!!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! We used to only be able to do 3, and It was hard enough to be able to get those, but now President wants us to serve- serve-serve, and show what our church IS instead of just talking, talking, talking!!! We have had so many service opportunities since Thursday!!!!! It's the greatest!!!!!!

Also, drum role please...........WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ONCE A TRANSFER NOW!!!!!!!!! We just have to find a ride with members. With this new rule the intent is to take your recent converts right after they are baptized to make sure it happens quickly, and we get to be there with them!!!  HOOLLAA @YOGURL!!!!


This week was my 1 year. That is crazy to believe!!!! 6 months ago I was with Sis Scott in Clovis... Seems like yesterday.... that is just crazy to me!!!!!!

Anyway, I just want you to know I love being a missionary and I love this church!!!!!!!

Short email---

Love ya,

<3 SisDaw

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