Monday, March 31, 2014

Clovis, NM---Robbed!!

Hello Friends and Family,
         Not going to lie this week has been very hard and it would appear that this week is going to start out rough!!!
          There have been some very spiritual moments happen as well as many hard difficult times.
       For this whole transfer I have been cleaning up Clovis from missionaries that have been a little less than obedient. When I got here we had almost 10+ investigators and NOBODY was progressing toward baptism, so we have been weeding out the "eternigators". Well, we had been through everyone except one lady and her son. missionaries had been seeing them for about 1 1/2 years pretty consistently. So, in our first lesson I had total intentions of dropping her. However, the spirit WOULDN'T LET ME! So, we set a return apt. and I committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day. She said she would. Well, she canceled that apt. and told us she would be busy the next week so this week we just randomly stopped by (with the intent of dropping her). She let us in. We talked and STILL I COULDN'T DROP HER! So, we set up a church tour (she hadn't ever been). So yesterday she comes to the church. We have a member there. We go to different rooms, talk about different pictures, share some scriptures. It was wonderful! Then stand in the foyer to tell her a little about what she is going to feel and what not. So, we walk in the chapel and have a moment of silence (AND I DIDN'T FEEL ANYTHING AND USUALLY I DO!!!) So I was stressing out thinking, "Oh my goodness, the Spirit isn't here! What is wrong?" Then she starts talking and she shares about a time when she felt the Spirit so strong and that same feeling came back and she has never felt it like that again. So we walk up to the sacrament tables and we talk about how it is like a mini baptism. Then we read to her from Mosiah 18 and when we got to the part, "Then what have you against being baptized?" She just sat down on the bench and just said she just isn't ready yet, and she needed time alone to study.
FINALLY! The Lord truly does work though wonderful ways! Although now isn't her time, and I am not her missionary, the time will come when she will take time to read the Book of Mormon and remember what she felt in that chapel. She will accept the gospel one day!

Another great thing! We have not started teaching a part member family! Jeff in not a member. Jennie is his wife… she is a member. Apparently, in ‘08 Jeff took the lessons but was soooo hard-hearted and hateful, so it just didn't work out. But he started coming to church, so we set an apt. (He is skeptical of Joseph smith) So when we got to The First Vision, before I said it, I said, "Jeff, I want you to put yourself in Joseph Smith’s shoes. You're pretty much there, you’re seeking for the truth, you’re exhausted of going to one church then another church. Imagine this as you." And I started…. AND HE STARTED TO CRY!!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo amazing! HE HAS A BAP DATE FOR THE 12TH!!

We are also teaching a hulking black guy, and oh my goodness ,sooooo ready!!!! Sooo ready!!!!! He also has a bap date for the 12th!!

I am soo happy for general conference! I need some time to be just spiritually “tidal waved” after all this craziness that has happened! The Women’s Broadcast was so great! The only thing was IT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH!!! We had a less- active pick up one of our investigators and THEY ARE NOW THE BEST OF FRIENDS!! IT IS SOOOO GREAT!!!!!!

As for rough things... last night we got a text at 8:40, or so, from a less active we are working with and it was a "goodbye suicide text”. So we rush over there and she is not doing well so we get members over there... Then we leave... Then this morning.... we found out we got robbed... They took my wallet and GPS and Cd's..... so great......... it is a rough life in the Clovis, New Mexico area....

Anyway, chuggin’ along and it will be a great night... :) Pretty sure I just need to sleep for a few days, but that is apostate so I won't :)

Anyway, pray that we will get some information about my drivers license. I don't care if I don't get anything else back, but that is going to be the hardest thing to replace... :/

Love y’all!
Have a great week and great conference!

Sister Dawes

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