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Letter for 3.24.14

Brinne’s Letter for the week of 3.24.14

Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk! Oh my goodness! I am almost at my 7 month mark!! I was thinking about it today. Sister Dunham started training me and Sister Clark when she was at her 7 month mark! AND NOW SHE IS AT HER 14…. TIME FLIES!!!!!!!!!

It is amazing to see where I have come from! To start off, 1 year ago I was a nanny in Virginia! Awesome! Then, Idaho for school, then back to Utah, then Texas, and now in New Mexico!!!!!! How crazy is that! And to come on a mission and not even know why to LOVING MY MISSION!

It has been a great week! Although tough, it has been great. Last week I was trying to study about the atonement, and I was looking for this UNVEIL A MISTORY OF GOD moment, and I didn't get one.  I started to get annoyed and frustrated! So then, I started studying about pride---- yea, bad topic to study. lol! Because then my self-esteem was being targeted by Satan and well, that was really hard! So now I am reading all the general conference talks before GENERAL CONFERENCE IN APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My studies have gone really well since I started doing that!!!

Here is an awesome experience we had this week:
We have been working with a lot of less-actives lately :) Like, that is our whole teaching pool! We have been working with one lady named Angela. Angela’s sister is on a Sr. Mission right now and Angela got baptized many years ago. She went less-active… not really sure why. Well, missionaries had been going over there for many months and things were going well. She started coming to church super good! Then, when I got there i quickly discovered that it was a "hang out house" for missionaries.... :( Always so sad when we find those. So sister Scott and I changed that. We asked Angela if we could go over the lessons again to try to help her understand more. She agreed. So last week we taught the restoration and IT WAS AWESOME!!!! As we were teaching she was answering her own questions and learning so much! Then, this week we were going to go teach the Plan of Salvation. (For some reason she wouldn't ever let us pray with her) So to start off our lesson I bluntly asked, "Angela, why don't you ever let us pray with you?" She goes on to tell us how ever since she was a kid she had had these dreams that are like real and they happen. She gave us a few examples of times when her dreams came true. Well, long story short, we didn't try to interpret her dream or give her explanations of why she has dreams, but we were able to teach about Priesthood Blessings and getting blessings of comfort :) This was like at 8:30 at night :) And we were able to help Angela get a blessing that night. I made some phone calls and the men of the ward were able to administer a beautiful blessing. In it God was able to tell her how much he loved her and how he needed her to read and study the scriptures and pray, pray, pray!!!! It was so amazing. Just such a beautiful thing to be apart of!!!!!!!!!!! Then, little did I know, until after that Angela’s latest dream was of her getting a blessing…and with those men that were there! It was really beautiful!

I am just so excited to be able to come home and tell you about all of these experiences because typing them in email just isn't the same! Uou can't even read how much I love her! Or how much I love serving the people of Clovis, New Mexico! It truly is wonderful!

This week Sister Scott and I have done TONS of walking.... like 4 hours a day! And Sister Scott, that little trooper, had been suffering from constant headaches for the past 4 weeks :( (Bad reaction to medication- so we got her off of it last week and now it is cycling out of her body) She just keeps on going. However, we both got Priesthood Blessings yesterday and the Lord told her she needs to take a break and get better! So, if the Lord said it we will be breaking for a little while everyday!!! ha ha ha!

Anyway! We are really searching for the elect… trying to find them!!!!! We are really praying that 3 potentials will have real potential!!!! We have a lesson with one tonight. His name is James. The Elders found him. He is in his 50’s. Apparently, when he was a kid he went to church and he had the most beautiful voice in the world. Then, when he was 16 he stopped going and God took his ability to sing away and now he can't sing. The Elders said while James was saying this, they both had the impression that they needed to promise him that if he would listen to what we had to say, and he did what he needed to do…to come to know this was true, that God would give him his singing voice back!!!!!! So PRAY THAT TONIGHTS LESSON GOES WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I just love being on a mission! I would love to be able to send a picture of my skin right now! My shoulders are like white as paper, part of my neck is brown, and upper neck is red as a tomato...... yup going to be buying sun screen today!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!

I love you all. I love my mission. And I love being a missionary! Have such a great week! I love y'all!

Sister Brinne Dawes

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