Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day 3.17.14

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Happy St. Patty’s Day with a “GREEN” package from Mommy and Daddy to me and Sister Scott!!! This is so cute!!

Well, this week I don't have too much to report :)

It has been an amazing week though :)

President was able to come to have interviews. That was really great :) It was amazing to talk to him and tell him how much I have been able to see myself grow! This transfer, in particular! Sister Scott and I have been working so hard. We have been able to help so many less-actives come back to activation!! This week we had a miracle happen:)

Since I got here to New Mexico, the sisters were teaching this family: Joe and Krista.  Joe is a less-active member. He was forced to go to church as a kid and that pushed him away. :(
Krista grew up Catholic. Also forced to go to church, but she wouldn't ever pay attention. So she knows very little about Jesus Christ.

Joe contacted the Sisters because they have 2 little boys and Joe wanted Krista to kind of get a background of what he grew up with. So the Sisters started coming over. In the beginning Joe wouldn't participate at all because he didn't want to sway Krista. They were always dragging their feet when it came to coming to church.

Missionaries never extended a baptismal date because Krista and Joe aren't married. But this week we were at a lesson and it was not going anywhere so I prayed to let Heavenly Father speak through me and say what He needed to say. Well, the next thing I knew I was extending a baptismal date to someone who can't get baptized... and that made a world of difference! Joe has been participating in lessons sooooooo much! He’s doing so many amazing things to help Krista. They talk about the church all the time in a good way, and yesterday THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!! THEY TALKED TO BISHOP AND WILL DISCUSS MARRAIGE WITH HIM SOON!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!
The Lord really does work through us if we let Him. This truly is His work and His glory. He just needs us to step aside and be willing to let Him work through us!

I haven't much time, so have a great week!

Sister Dawes

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