Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter from 4.7.14


Well, here we are! Got transfer calls yesterday... I am staying here in Clovis, and I am soo happy I get to have Sister Christopherson… a great friend I made in Lubbock as a companion! Sister Scott is going to my old area in Lubbock! She is going to just love, love, love it!!! I am more excited for her than she is!!!!! Last night when I heard, I screamed for her!!!

This week has been lovely! We truly were spiritually fed at conference! My prayers were certainly answered. This conference I went with only one question, and I wanted an answer to it... I don't know if it was really a question, but this is what I wanted...

So, if you didn't know, when ya get robbed angry feelings tend to sprout... I wasn't ever angry at the people, more just the situation and how inconvenient everything is for me right now... felt a little violated. (Things like that) So my question was, or maybe my objective was,
~~~~~ Learn how to use the Enabling Power to Forgive~~~~~~
 Before conference I took time to look up a few definitions.
Enable: to make able, to make possible, practical or easy- enable implies provision or the means or opportunity for doing.

Forgive: to cease to feel Resentment against (an offender)

Resentment: Feeling of indignant displeasure at something regarded as wrong, insult, or injury

Well, to apply that to my life.... The Savior has made possible for me the opportunity to forgive because I did resent what was going on. I just had to learn how to do it. A few talks that I loved was—well, Elder Holland... Let’s be honest, if I were home right now and not on a mission I would be coping with this a completely different way..... The whole WWJD thing... I don't know how Christ-like I would be. However, being out here I don't have time to think about all of the inconvenient things... When I sit and dwell on the injustice it is allowing Satan to win... That is a lesson I think I had to learn on mission. :)

I loved how, more than once, Helaman 5: 12 was quoted… one of my favorite scriptures!

Henry B. Eyring...
"Every moment of every day you have a choice to make or keep covenants." Let’s just say throwing down my laundry detergent in anger most likely was not a moment where I chose to keep my covenant. However, from that experience, I don't want to see myself act so foolish again! So I will do everything in my power to keep my baptismal covenant.

I am sorry. I haven't got any more time to share more about what I learned, but I love the Lord. And even through hard times I still love being a missionary!!!!

Have such a great week!
I love ya,

Sister Dawes

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