Monday, March 3, 2014

Clovis, NM 3.3.14

* Ron Jones, I met your high school prom date!!! (I can't remember her name but I met her!)
**Started the week of with a BANG here in Clovis! Nearly got us kicked out of an investigators home.... I was being a little pushy in the fact of, "Hey, you've been meeting with the missionaries for a very long time (you’re an “eternigator”) and you feel you aren't getting any answers.. You've never prayed out loud... so let’s do this thing......." *** I didn't say it like that**** and she basically said, "In 5 minutes y’all are going to be leaving (look at my clock-- about right) not because your time is up, but because I am going to ask you to leave..." Good ending.. We changed the subject... and she still came to church.
*** And on Friday I was greeted by Clovis by catching the Famous "Clovis Crud."  I hope to be able to send home a lovely picture of my living space from the past 4 days... Today is the first day I have felt pretty well... I have hardly eaten anything.... mostly toast...... and well toast... and that’s about it.. and Gatorade.
**** I don’t know where my time has gone, but I had some amazing scriptural insight that I wanted to share with everyone, but now I don't have enough time, so I’ll just send pictures home today and I’ll write my insight in a letter and have mom type it up and put in on the blog. (And will you send it to me so I can send it to my friends!!! It was from Alma 17!!! I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES!!!!
***** OH SUPER COOL THING--- ON THURSDAY SISTER SCOTT AND I GOT 18 MORNING FINDS!!!! NEW RECORD for me...!! This transfer is going to be amazing. It's going to push me out of my comfort zone. From what I have heard Sister Scott is more reserved and quiet (I've seen that). From my past companionships we have been about equal in craziness so it's easy to just relax and let you companion take over... However, that's not going to be happening this transfer.... Anyway, I am going to grow so much  from Sister Scott! I just know it and I hope I can help her as well!!



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