Monday, December 16, 2013

Sister Dawes is NOT a FIX-IT Gal!

Hello Friends and Family!

     This week has been quite an eventful one! We will start off for those who plan to serve missions, or are on one right now! COMPANIONSHIP UNITY IS ESSENTIAL IN ORDER TO TEACH THE GOSPEL! Ha Ha Ha! Let’s just say the beginning of the week was a little rough. I AM NOT A FOLLOWER. Therefore, I am learning to be a follower. It was rough because when Sister Fife came she didn't know anybody, and I knew everyone because I had been here for 3 months and Sister Clark kind of knew people and has no idea about directions. So, I am telling Sister Fife how to drive and what not. Well, I was being a little to pushy and I wasn't feeling feelings they were having--- so that was hard. Well 1/2 way through the week we had companionship inventory and that was awkward! Then we got through it--- made goals for what we want to see from ourselves and as a companionship. Then for the rest of the week we saw miracles... not typical miracles, but non-the-less miracles. 

James dropped us and that was hard. His family and "spiritual mentor" are not supportive so he is taking 2-3 weeks off from talking to us to see what he needs. That was very hard because we were working with him daily to help him be ready for baptism.
        Friends and Family, I am enlisting your help. The TLM(Texas Lubbock Mission) has a huge goal to bring 100 souls to Christ in the month of December. We are calling it "A White Christmas" . My companionship has already had one, so my district has prayed and we want to get 2 baptisms in the month of December. Our teaching pool has dropped this week, and we need to find solid investigators in the next 2 weeks ready to accept this gospel! Baptism numbers are not important, but souls are. If all of you would help pray that my companionship can use our time most wisely and work to find these people I know the power of prayer is amazing!

JACK: EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY! So if you'll remember Jack is on Probation for the next 4 years. Amy just got baptized. It is a very long process to get people on probation  baptized! President Agustin has to ask permission from the first presidency, and it's a very long process. Well, Friday President called us and said President Clemen is coming down to interview Jack. Then Pres. Clemen and Agustin and maybe Jack are going to have to write aletter to the prophet. This can be a long process... if y’all wouldn't mind praying for a speedy answer that would be the best Christmas present in the world for everyone, but most important to that family! Please, please pray!!!

MARY: She is having a very rough time with her health so we are praying for her and Zoey so they can feel well enough to come to church! They are so amazing. And they want to learn more and more. Their health is just a problem.

JOSIE and LYNN: I don't know if I have ever talked about them before, but Josie is a less-active. We are working with Lynn who isn't a member. Josie has a desire to come back, but wants Lynn’s support. We have been working so hard with them and Lynn’s heart is slowly opening! It would be amazing if his heart were to open enough to take the lessons. I know if he were to listen he would feel the spirit and he would change his life. The Lord is already helping and preparing him!!! Please pray for him! I love them so much. I have built such a special relationship with them. I feel like they are the people I am here to help and my calling won't be fulfilled here in Brownwood until they are helping each other out. He is ready--- he just needs some guidance!!! I LOVE THEM!

I know this church is true and that families are forever! I am so happy to be out here, and I am so exited that I get to be a part of this gospel! I know it is from Heavenly Father! The church is true!

Next story.... a funny one... So this happened Saturday. We were cleaning out our fridge and we had a ton of left-over food from Thanksgiving. So we have a garbage disposal. We had a whole tub full of ham and turkey- The spirit said, “Sister Dawes, don't put all of that down the disposal!” But, I didn't listen. Half way through it grinding up it just stops. So I thought, “Well great! I am going to try to fix it. I didn't know what I was thinking. My companions weren't there to stop me. So I start taking EVERYTHING APART. Every piece is everywhere!! There is crap everywhere! It is a MESS!!! Well, I cleaned out all the parts and then I forgot how to put all the pieces back together--- and one piece wouldn't fit where it was supposed to go. Well, I was working on it for about 3 hours. Long story short. Brother Reynolds came over and had to buy a whole new contraption for under the sink..... ****** SISTER DAWES IS NOT A FIXIT LADY.... :/


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