Monday, December 9, 2013

Jumping on the bed and making holes in the walls!! 12.9.13

Hello everyone,                                                                    12.9.13

This week has been eventful. I don't have much time today… I had to fill out a mission survey so my time is short.

Here are a few things that happened. Last Monday night we got a call from our ZLs. They asked sister Dunham to come to San Angelo on Tuesday to stay with a sister who was going home, but would be without a companion for a few hours.

So we all had to wake up Tuesday morning at 3:30 am and drive to San Angelo to be with her when her companions left on the transfer bus. Sister Dunham is not opening a new area, but they cleared all the other sisters out so sister Dunham is starting from scratch with a trainie... So we helped her out and we cleaned/ organized her apartment. Her trainee didn't get to San Angelo until Wednesday, so we had a whole day to clean and shop for things and for Sister Dunham to figure out her area. Sister Clark and i weren’t that much help...

However, Tuesday night Sister Dunham and Clark were jumping on the bed and Sister Clarks butt made a huge hole in the wall :) ha ha ha.... awkward... I WASN'T JUMPING ON THE BED I WAS TAKING VIDEO! I had no part in that!!!! ha ha ha!! We had to call the zls and they came and plastered the wall for us... it was a pretty large hole!!!! I was amazed they were able to fix it... and they were doing acrobats on the beds more than just jumping!! (Mom I hope you proof these before they go on my blog… I don't spell or use punctuation) so that was great!

Wednesday night the transfer bus came bringing Sister Dunham her new baby and bringing us "Annie Fife" (She and Sister Dunham were trained by Sister Turner). We all went to Chick-fil-a to get dinner, and let’s just conclude that I have not cried this much on my mission! I sobbed saying goodbye to Mamma Dunham. Even though we are in the same zone and I get to talk to her on the phone. I give her so much credit to the missionary I have become. I love her so much!

Mom and Dad, I have a letter I'll send today and you'll be able so see how much I have changed and it is all because of her!!! Anyway, I have cried almost every day at night just because I love her so much and owe her everything! She was a blessing for sure. Trainers make or break your mission and she made mine--- so she is amazing and I don't know what I will do without her... Well, actually, I do...

I LOVE SISTER FIFE!!! SHE IS SOOOO AWESOME! WE LAUGH ALL THE TIME!! WE DO WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO!! She has always had companions that she has had to help, but not this one! Sister Clark and I love her so much... In fact, here is a funny story... so

We have "the missionary handbood" (the book of blessings). In it, there is a rule that says "you must sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed." Never knew what the meaning behind that was, but now I know... So all of our beds are squished together, so it is 3 beds made into one giant bed (we all sleep in our bed) Sister Clark sleeps by the wall, Sister Fife in the middle and me to the right of her. Well apparently, 2 night ago... Sister Fife woke up in the middle of the night and I was stroking her hair mumbling "It'll be alright, It'll be alright" (That saying is an inside joke to me and another sister) So I guess she moved her head and I continued to stroke her pillow--- so she picked up my finger and moved my hand!!! GREAT BONDING MOMENT EVEN THOUGH I WAS'T CONSCIOUS FOR IT!! :) HA HA HA HA HA--- WELL GREAT!

Here is a quick update on my investigators.

Amy’s baptism was great she is just wonderful!
Mary is sooooooo good! She hasn't been able to come to church yet because Zoey has been in and out of the hospital (understandable), but she is progressing! She was very sad to see Sister Dunham leave, but loves Sister Fife--- so that is great!!! 

Then we are teaching James. He is a recent convert friend, and he is so close to the Holy Ghost. He just wants it with him all the time. Please, please, please pray that he can quit smoking. His baptism is SUNDAY if he is able to hold strong and not smoke!!!!!!!! I just love him soooo much! The lord is blessing us so much here in B-wood!

We are going to start a program here for the ward to try to unite it, so they are serving each other! I hope it works!! We have fasted and prayed for this place, and we really feel the Lord is going to bless us if we truly do this program! It is going to be amazing to see! I hope I stay here for like 9 months so I can see it work :) THE CHURCH IT TRUE!!

I AM SORRY THIS LETTER IS SO SHORT BUT I NEED TO EMAIL PRESIDENT!  i just want y’all to know that I am doing super well even without my Mamma Dunham :) This transfer I am working on 2 things. First, I am trying to better understand the atonement and better build my relationship with my Savior. And second, I am trying to see Christ-like attributes in my companions daily so I can give meaningful words of affirmation :)  Keep up on me, would ya?? :) See how I am doing with that and I will try to always incorporate it in my letters!

I love y’all :) have a great week :) sorry once again this isn't that spiritual of a letter :)

-Sister Dawes

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