Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Friends and Family!

      Well, what a great holiday! We went to Bishop Fuqua's house for Christmas Eve! We had quite some fun! The Mormon world is so small! Their children go to BYU-I as well! Funny thing--- their daughter, Ariann, was roommates with Sarah McKillop (my former roommate)!!!! How funny! Then on Christmas we got up… My companions couldn't wait for the other sisters to get here so they opened up all their gifts! I waited and started making "our" (my families) Christmas breakfast--- creamed eggs!!!! The other sisters came over around 8:30 so we opened up presents and what not!!! We had so much fun! MOST FAVORITE GIFT-- PHYSICAL GIFT-- THIS YEAR WAS MY "TLM-SISTER DAWES BLANKET!!! Every time I cuddle with it I laugh... So when I laugh randomly before bed or in the morning my companions know why and they laugh as well!!! I just love it!!! And it is soooo cozzyy!!!!
     We all made our traditional breakfast. Sister Clark made quiche- Bradford cinnamon roles, Barlow crescent roles and jam, and me --creamed eggs! We took them over to ALMAS house to eat them then went over to the Reynolds! They are seriously soooooo good to us!!! They gave us stockings with awesome stuff… then a home made  towel rap to go on the head after a shower! They gave us Victoria’s Secret spray and stuff!! They are just amazing! Then we all were able to talk to our families!! (To make ya proud mom and dad-i was the only one in the district that only talked for 45 min to a T! Some elders and sisters talked for 3 hours.... but we were obedient, family!!!! Congrats!!!
     So talking to them was very fun!!! Then we ate home made chicken noodle soup (home-made noodles)!! And YUMMMMMM IS THE ONLY WAY TO EXPLAIN THAT!

Then we went over to jack and Amy’s!! We got them all Christmas presents and they gave us some. All 5 of us pitched in and got Roger, Jack, and Dacoda white shirts and ties and Amy a skirt.... I have never loved giving gifts as much in my life.... I can't even express to you how happy Jack was when he opened his. His eyes were almost crying his cheeks were soooo happy!!! ( I about forgot to update y’all on Jack’s interview!!!!! President Clemen said that Jack’s interview was the most hopeful and most amazing interview he as ever had!!!!!!! So he will be writing a glowing report to the First Presidency!!!!! ) Answers to prayers!!!

     The others enjoyed their gifts. Amy went and put hers on right away!  Jack was like a child… he went and tried it on as well! And little Dacoda we got his on--- and it was like a night-dress but it will fit him until he is 8-- so that is great!!!!!!

James went to spend time with his mom out of town (she isn't a fan of us and isn't okay with James changing his religion) She has been anti-ing him all along. So when he went we were very scared!!!! However, the best thing happened....... He was gone for 4 days, he came back, gave us a call and said he hadn't smoked in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we went over there and set a baptism date for Tuesday Dec. 31!!! That night he called us and said, Well...... Can I be Baptized on Sunday????” I told him we would pray about it..... The Lord said yes so.... JAMES ENTERED THE WATERS OF BAPTISM DEC. 29 AT 8:30 A.M.!!!!!! ALONG WITH ROGER! Both of these guys were referrals from members!! And Recent converts at that!!! The gospel is so pure and amazing!!!!

     That was our Christmas Miracle!! I am sure I told y’all that President Agustin had revelation early this month to set a goal for us missionaries to bring 500 souls unto Christ in the 2013 year, and we were 100 away at the beginning of this month! So it was a very lofty, hefty goal. The mission fasted and prayed and worked so hard to bring the people of the TLM mission the truth! This morning we had a conference call. President Agustin announced that as of yesterday we had 501 souls brought to Christ in the 2013 year....!     I just want to tell y’all I know the Lord prepares the people he needs us to find-

     My companionship, this transfer, didn't slide right into things well. We had our bumps in the road (like normal), and it still isn't easy.. We didn't work as hard as I know we could have, so I didn't think the Lord would bless us in giving us a miracle. But after James' miracle, I know the Lord won’t stop his work. I am not saying we were apostate and we were not obedient. I just know there were things we could have done like fasting more, and praying more, and working harder to receive more blessings. However, the Lord still blessed us, but more importantly blessed James.

At this time-- new year-- I am praying and contemplating what goal I can set for myself during this next year! I hope y’all are as well.... I invite y’all to make your goal more spiritual this year instead of physical!
Mosiah 2:17 “When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your god.!”
     This year maybe you could be a better visiting/ home teacher (more than once a month). Maybe you can pray better on your KNEES not on you bed or laying in bed ON YOUR KNEES. Maybe you can STUDY instead of read your scriptures :) or............GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES when they bring someone to church-- bombard the investigator with love and care!

I love y’all so much and pray often for you!!!

Have such a great day :)

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