Monday, December 23, 2013

Brinne's 1st Christmas away from home...away from traditions:(

Okay....this letter is short...and I can tell she is a bit sad that she won't be home for Christmas. Prayers for our missionaries at this time would be much appreciated!! (Brinne has always been a sucker for tradition and all those "little things" that she holds so close to her heart. Love her!!!)

Hello friends and Family :)
Congrats to Nika and Ethan! I am very happy for you two!!
As well as a new cousin Hazel :) Congrats Tommy and Cass :)

Well, this week has been a crazy week! A few funny things have happened… Sadly, I was sick in bed Tuesday and my poor companion, Sister Fife was sick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And, well, right now, as a matter a fact, but is toughing this out :) But we for sure will be going back home so she can sleep in a little while :/

Thursday we had a huge Christmas party in Midland TX :) We got to go stay the night in San Angelo. Wednesday! We had so much fun! We started out the day with skits! Each district was given a song we had to act out, sing, and Kazoo too :) We had “Frosty the Snowman” :) It was great fun! Then we had a spontaneous "throw your companion under the bus, talent show" needless to say. My companions thought that I needed to show 1/2 of my mission my animal impersonation and my Fiona voice... and so I did.... let’s just say awkward.... but we had great fun!
Then Santa came :) We got a TLM (Texas Lubbock Mission) hat :) A calendar and a letter from the first presidency :) Then we were spiritually fed by President (sure hope he is prophet one day) He taught us about our relationship with Jesus Christ and how he is our savior not our brother while on earth :) AMAZING!
Then, thank you family for the "White Christmas"!! I am the only one in my companionship who hasn't opened any presents. I do have to say, though, I was a little sad when all of the gifts weren't from Suzy Snowflake, the Grinch, Santa, Mrs.Clause…. Then I got to thinking.... Shooot!!!.... I don't get an elf knocking on my door this Christmas with jammies... Then I began crying when I realized that my daddy isn't going to read me " ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” ..and i don't even have copy of it so I can't read it myself!!!! So I am still sad... :) Funny that those little memories still mean so much to me!

I am not going to type my awkward story but family please ask about it on Christmas so i can tell it to you! It's great!!

Anyway, I hope y’all are having a great holiday!!! And a great break from school!!!

I don't have much more to say except I can't wait to talk to you Wednesday!!!!!! 
Merry Christmas Y’ALL!!!!
Love sister Dawes

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