Monday, October 28, 2013

10.28.13- With Pictures ---FINALLY!!!!

To begin this week, last week I told you we had a surprise... Sister A. Clark was taken from our little family and was exchanged with sister M. Clark! Well, although that was a very hard change I LOVE Sister M. Clark!!! She is soooo funny!! I just LOVE her!

A few fun things have happened over the past week! Sister M. Clark LOVES my Fiona impersonation and.....IT FINNALY HAPPENED!!! I have been waiting for this to happen all 8 weeks I have been out here!!!.............THE ANIMAL IMPERSONATION CAME OUT!!!!! The "Bird" was introduced along with the "starfish" "Floppy Fish" and "moose Charge" and we LOVE THEM.... (OKAY SO MAYBE IT'S ME THAT DOES THEM THE MOST,  BUT .... IT WILL BECOME COOL IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!!!!!)

Spiritual experiences this week have been lovely!

-       We met with Heather on Tuesday. We did the 3rd discussion (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) and that turned into the commandments. She has been holding pain for the past 9 years :/ She is common law married. However, not legally, and she knows that's wrong, but her man doesn't want to get married... She also smokes but wants to stop so we will see how everything goes. We have invited her to fast with us.
-       Anyway spiritual part: We were at her house for nearly 2 hours talking to her about her options. When we left we had another appointment so we went to that. During that lesson we got a text from Heather saying, "After y’all left, I prayed to God to show me a scripture, this is what he showed me...  I just opened to this. Moroni 6" this is the just the heading " repentant persons are baptized and fellowshipped- church members who repent are forgiven- meetings are conducted by the power of the Holy Ghost." !!!!! How exciting!!! She didn't come to church and I thought she would, but we know she is progressing!!!

We have met with Chris MANY times this week! We love that man so much! We have had all of the discussions with him except for all of the commandments. So little background-- Chris hadn't smoked in 53 days (own choice, we didn't know him) I believe. But this week, temptation over took him and he  began smoking again. So Saturday we went to his house and he was about to lite a cig RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.... WHAT THE?!?!?! And we were like NO CHRIS...NO!! He said, “I have 2 left…I don't want to waist the money... Anyway, he threw the box behind him, as well as the lit cig. Sister Clark and I went hunting for them and ripped them up... Pretty sure that was the first time I had touched a real cig. He came to church and didn't like it... He liked the people but didn't like the talks... because people weren't enthusiastic. :/ UGH!! HOW CAN WE HELP THIS WARD?!?!?!? WE ASK GOD’S HELP EVERY DAY!
So, last night we went over to his house and committed him to living the word of wisdom. He said for quite some time he has felt a dark cloud around him, so if in 3 days living the word of wisdom, if the cloud goes away he will live the word of wisdom. If not.... then he is going to go back to regular things. So we are praying that it might be in God’s will to take that cloud away and help him feel the spirit. In 3 days we are also going to get him a blessing to help him quit because he really does feel God can help him and he really does want it! So faith!!!

Prayers for these investigators would be great! :)

"The church is true. The book is Blue, and Jesus is a Mormon."  :)

Loving missionary work!
Have a great week!!!!


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