Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week #8 11.4.13

Hello everyone,

First family.... I AM SORRY YOUR LETTER DIDN'T GET THERE! I sent a letter home and on Thursday it got returned to me so I was upset about that all weekend and I didn't have time to get it fixed and sent out so Thursday something should be coming home. :( sorry.

If anyone has recipes that take little time to cook and few ingredients please send them out here! We buy crap food and I am tired of it :) So please, please, please. However, can ya send them through snail mail… Not email?

COOL AWESOME NEWS!!! A few weeks ago we were told exciting news that we were going to be allowed to go to the temple soon. (We weren't allowed to go, we are the first Texas Lubbock missionaries that get to go) Well, my district’s time is THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! I NEED IT SOOO MUCH! I will tell you more about that as time goes on. :)

***** Word to those wanting to grow up and serve missions..... LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO. I might say that in every letter. Let's just say.... I should have listened to mom and learned. We only have 2 ladies in the ward that play the piano. 1 lady can't stay for all of church (health), and the other is primary president so is always in primary..... bottom line.... Sister Dawes plays the piano in R.S......... and let’s just say........... CRAP!!! I regret not practicing and learning.... maybe in the next 16 months I will learn how to play.... I wish I had a piano in my apartment... I mean I wouldn't have much time to practice, but it would be nice :)

I hope ya'll had a good Halloween :) Thursday my companionship and I went to Abilene to say with the YSA sisters! We had sooo much fun. We weren't able to work past 6:00 so we went to the other Abilee sister’s house until 8:30 and had a fun party where again.... my animal impersonations and Fiona were shown :) They really are a hit :) Then went back to the YSA sister’s house and slept the night. The next morning sister Dunham and Luke (YSA ABALINE SISTER ) went to Lubbock for MLC missionary leadership counsel. So I worked with Sister Ethington and Sister Amanda Clark (former companion)! We had some amazing lessons that day! The first lesson I was with sister Clark- we taught the restoration to Matthew... This was the first time they had a lesson with him so we saw him and he had done some research and while we were teaching HE WAS TAKING NOTES!!!!! HE WAS SOOOO LISTENING AND SOO JUST.... AHHHH--- SOLID!! I WISH I COULD STAY AND SEE IF HE GETS BAPTIZED!! He is sooo awesome! The next lesson was with a girl named Kimmie. Apparently one day she was feeling like there was more to life than what her church teaches, so she was on Facebook and saw a mormon.org ad… went to that… found a church house and a time… and CAME TO CHURCH BY HERSELF!!! WHAT THE CRAP?!?!? THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! SO, I was able to teach her with Sister Ethington the Plan of Salvation. She had AMAZING questions! She is soooo solid as well!!!! I hope all goes well with her! Then Sister Ethington and I went to go teach a lady named Ashley. She was stellar as well! She and a few friends came and just soaked in everything that we were saying! She is just amazing!!
Anyway, that was the great things that happen in Abilene....

Here is the progress of Brownwood...
1. We had an investigator named Bill, he wasn't keeping commitments so prayerfully we dropped him.
2. We had an investigator named Monica- she wasn't keeping appointments or commitments, so luckily we ran into her and we asked her if she even wanted us so come back and she said not right now. So prayerfully we dropped her.
3. Amanda (she came to church a few weeks ago)- told us she got a part- time job and doesn't have time to see us anymore. So basically we were dropped.
4. And the saddest of all.... Chris- so here is the deal. He was doing AMAZING. He was feeling the spirit and seeing God’s hand in answering questions he had. Then…. his “baby mamma” told him that if he continued to meet with us then she wouldn't let him see his daughter and we weren't going to do that!! So.... he dropped us....
5. We haven't been able to meet with Heather at all this week...... So we don't know what’s going on with her.
6. We haven't been able to catch Maria once in the past 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks-- so we don't know what’s up with her.
-------------------------------------- Bottom Line--------------------------------------------We are down to Square 1---- starting all over again. But this time we are going to focus more efforts on helping build the ward up.

I haven't seen this yet because I am still new. However, I have heard that you have to hit rock bottom… then people will be bursting from everywhere.... I hope that is the case because we are at rock bottom of our teaching pool :)

The most amazing thing though,--- when people drop us we are sad that they have chosen not to follow Christ’s path, but after we know they aren't interested, we don't feel down and let ourselves mope. We just smile, laugh and keep going!! WE ARE TRYING TO FIND THE ELECT! It's amazing :)

I am going to give everyone a challenge-
1. Make contact with the missionaries in your area and GO OUT WITH THEM! BE A MEMBER PRESENT! Let them know you’re willing to come to lessons with them. Let them know you love the gospel and you’re willing to support them in bringing people to the gospel. Give them 1 referral this week :)
Then write me about your missionary experience!

I love the gospel! I love my mission president and his wife. They are people called of God to protect, lead and guide me while I serve the Lord. I Love my companions- we laugh all day every day! Never get angry at one another!
Even though missions are hard, soon enough we will see the fruits of our labors :)


                                            BECAUSE I AM A MISSIONARY
Is today a great day for you???


SiStEr DaWeS!!!

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