Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #6 10.21.13

Hello Friends and Family,
      This week has been a very strange one.... like all the rest of my days here in Brownwood! So lets start at the beginning...

Tuesday was District Meeting! I LOVE THAT DAY! Our district leader and his companions have been collecting tarantulas for the past 6 weeks. Not only do they collect them, but they hold them and play with them... as if they were pets... They brought them to district meeting --- We’re in the CHURCH and they were holding and playing with them. Then they encouraged all of us to hold them.... Needless to say I have a photo of all of us holding a tarantula..... and they didn't bite.... :)

Also, we still don't have the lay-out of the land down--- so we get lost ALL OF THE TIME! We spend a lot of time lost. We went to "May" and Outling Town this week where we went and saw the Crafton’s. They are members :) Great, Great people.. However, we were 40 minutes late to the appointment because we got VERY LOST! Mind you these places aren't very big, but we manage to get lost often!

On Friday night we also went to see another member in Coleman-- about 40 miles away. We also got lost, but turns out we really weren't lost ... we were at the house where she used to live. She just never updated her information.... but she was SO FUNNY!

So, a very strange fact about the world---- people that are not LDS HATE the fact that we do food storage! Like that is one of the biggest complaints from people we teach, and we don't even bring it up!! It's just something they have heard and think that we don't rely on God enough by storing food-- and we need to have faith that God will prepare a way... (Little do they know God has prepared a way and that is by being self-sufficient). Anyway, so Sister Miller (the member) was talking about how she has a room full of food storage and how her sisters (not members) make fun of her having it. Sister Miller said to her, sisters "Well, what are you going to do when you don't have any food and all the stores are closed and you can't get any food?" They said, "Come over here." Sister Miller replied "... "And I will Shoot you with my saved up ammunition!"
It was so much better in person because she has a funny lisp and what not but we busted a gut!

We also met with Chris twice this week! He is doing great!!! He didn't come to church yesterday, but we went and talked to him! He did, however, go to a baptism on Satuday, but his daughter was being crazy, so it was hard to concentrate...... anyway he is golden pretty sure...

So I told Ya'll about David didn't I.... We met him at the park about a week or 2 ago. (I can't ever remember) Well he was AWESOME! We had a great lesson with him last week-- set up another appointment at the park this week! Well, on our way to May we got a phone call from him saying he wanted to meet at our church Thurday to have the second discussion! WE WERE EXTATIC!! THAT IS A PRETTY GREAT THING! So, we went on Thursday and we knew something was off.. So we asked him why he wanted to meet at the church and he said, "I was very disappointed with the park because people were stalking me and taking pictures of me..."(mind you he is acting very skittish) so we went on with the lesson and it was very strange-- like the spirit was there, but he couldn't pay attention to anything we were saying, and he couldn't answer questions and what not... It was weird. When we ended, and David left, our member present asked... “where did you find that guy? He is weird..."

*Fast f:orward to Friday* We are in a lesson with Chris- Chris had to get up to answer the door and we get a phone call, so Sister Dunham answers it (we don't normally do that) It was David telling us that he could not longer meet with us and that he had pressed harassment charges!!! Then hung up... We don't know if he pressed charges on us or on somebody else, but we haven't heard anything yet, so we think we are okay and we told President and he isn't worried... :) so there is that!

Next crazy story! One of the first weeks we were here we were knocking and we knocked into a guy named Mark- He seemed very nice and interested, but his wife was very angry that day so Mark just told us to come back another time. so we tried a billion times.. (Not really) Then this week we were able to talk to his wife. She was in a much better mood! And was very kind! So I told her we would call before we came over and what not. Anyway, so Saturday at about 8:00 we get a phone call- it was Mark! He said he wanted us to come over so we didn't have anything better to do (we were trying formers) so we get there and I had this strong feeling to ask if Judy (wife) was there, but I didn't have time before we went in.. but 1 minute later, Judy come storming in the house---!!!! TELLING US TO GET OUT OF HER HOUSE AND IF WE WANTED TO MEET-- TO MEET ON THE PORCH! (We already knew that, but I now have a testimony of the white handboook!) So we nearly RAN onto the porch! She slams the door and is yelling at poor Mark :( But for some reason we didn't leave. JUDY AND MARK COME OUT AND JUDY IS CUSSING US OUT JUST SAYING TO NOT COME OVER TO A VERY MARRIED MAN’S HOUSE! AND WHAT NOT-- THIS WENT ON FOR 10 MIN I AM SURE... let’s just say every neighbor was watching this fall apart, and we just kept saying we are not here to tear families apart, but we are here to bring them together... Needless to say, I don't think she ever found out Mark called and invited us over.... Then about 30 min later she calls us and said Mark wanted her to call and apologize, so she said sorry--- then cussed us out some more and we are just laughing in our minds because this was so ridiculous..... :)

Anyway! The church is true and I love being a missionary!!!

Love y’all! Have a great week!
Our huge news.. I forgot...
This week was transfer calls week. So Saturday at 11:30 we got our call. We assumed we would be together because it is very uncommon to get changed during training, so we just assumed we wouldn't be moving ... Elder Hold (AP) called and talked to Sister Dunham then asked for Sister Clark :( Sister Amanda Clark (my current companion)  is going to Abaline to switch with Sister Maranda Clark. And Sister Maranda Clark is coming to Brownwood to be our companion... We aren't sure what is going on and I am soooo sad to be losing sister Amanda because we came out from the west MTC together and we have seen each other grow soooo much!
Sister Maranda also came out with us, but she was on main campus MTC, so we didn't meet her...
But I trust God and trust that He knows why sister Amanda is needed in Abaline :( and why Sister Maranda is needed here!


CTR Always

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