Monday, December 22, 2014

Sharing #HeIsTheGift on the Street 12.22.14

New Address:
3018 Knickerbocker Rd. #2104
San Angelo, TX 76904

Well, it's been a great week. Transfers were rough, due to the fact that I really didn't want to leave. But I do what the lord wants. Lol. It was way cool! I got to see Elder Higbee AND Nathan. We got a few pics. Lol!!!!

I am happy to be in San Angelo YSA. However, I am entering a 5 week break where NOBODY is at school, so we have had to figure out what to do with our time. On Thursday we were at a member’s house and I felt prompted to ask her if she knew where we could go to contact and be effective. She thought about it for a moment and said, “Well, I wonder if you could go to the mall and sit and help people make New Year’s resolutions. We thought about that, then an impression came that we should try that, but set up a projector and screen and show #He is the gift!!!! So, we go to the mall to ask permission. They say no … That doesn't stop us. So, we go to Wal-Mart. They say no too. That doesn't stop us... so we call an "emergency" meeting with all the missionaries in San Angelo. We all meet at the institute and this is what we come up with:

FRIDAY, SAT, SUN AND LATER THIS WEEK WE WILL GO TO "THE RIVER WALK. IT'S A HUGE COMMUNITY EVENT! HUGE! SET UP A PROJECTOR AND SCREEN AND GIVE AWAY FREE HOT CHOCOLATE!!! WE GOT A HEALTH PERMIT AND IN THE PAST 3 DAYS WE HAVE TALKED TO JUST ABOUT 700 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! It has been amazing. People pull up in their cars. We give them free hot cocoa and a card and they go on their way!! We pulled all of this together in 12 hours!!!!! It was amazing and totally by the Spirit! We have had hot coco donated from the members of the San Angelo ward. We have had cups donated… not enough… so I invested in it as well. We have given away about 50 gallons of hot chocolate, so we have had hot water boiling and sitting in 5 gal thermoses for a while!!! It's been an amazing miracle!!! I am so happy with it!!!! Pray people check out the website and want us to come over!!!!!!!

Anyway, I have been loving the 12 days of Christmas! My tree is looking good. However, yesterday I think mine and Derrick’s stories got messed up because my ornament was of feet and the story was of the $10 and today was $10 and the coat story again… So I'll send Derrick the repeat story :) It's been a cute story... Let's be honest… I hope the 11th gift is T’was The Night Before Christmas... I think I might be a day ahead.. I don't know :) But I love it!! I read the stories during studies and most of the time a little tear comes in my eye because all the stories are tender :)

Tomorrow is the Christmas party in Midland. I am so sad I am not in the north part of the mission because all of my friends are in the north and I am in the south... booo...

Um anything else... the church is true! it's amazing! Merry Christmas! And I hope y’all be happy and safe.

Oh! About my companion… MUCH BETTER THAN LAST TRANSFER! Me and Sister G laugh all the time. Like, all the time… there is very little silence. She came out with me, but has to go home a transfer early because of some law crap that happened before she came out. So, she has to see a lawyer before her release date… so I am killing her too :) She is super great!!! Love her a lot!!! Laughing is so good. And the branch sees that we get along super well and have been commenting on it! Oh! Also, my branch is a full 12 people... so the sacrament song takes longer to sing than the actual passing of it. Lol!!!!!!!!!!  So that is that!

Love ya!
Be safe and be smart!!   
Elder Higbee with Sister Dawes

Elder Thompson with Sister Dawes

Projecting #He Is The Gift

Sister Garcia by the projector

 Almost all of the San Angelo Missionaries

Setting Up:

Giving out Hot Cocoa and a Card to visit the website:

Branch President and His wife filling up hot cocoa

The BEST Senior Couple supporting the missionaries efforts.

Sister Garcia and Sister Dawes sitting by the cocoa table.

This kid handed out a lot of card to the passer-bys

Photogenic Elder advertising Hot Cocoa

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