Monday, January 5, 2015

One HUGE Project to the Next 1.5.15

Hello Everyone,

        I really don't have much to report on actually. It's really slow around here due to school not being in session. However, we have been coming up with ways to think outside of the box and use time most effectively.
       Sister Garcia and I go from one enormous project to the next! We are done with the hot cocoa/#heisthegift initiative. So our new huge project is.......... STALK DOWN THE LESS ACTIVES THAT SHOULD BE IN YSA AND AREN'T! ............And let me tell you, that is a tad hard. We talked to the institute director and he worked magic and got us a list of everyone in all the wards here that are supposed to be going to institute and YSA! So we have met with 3 EQ and RS presidents and all missionaries in San Angelo to see if they know a lot of them. That was awesome working with them because we were able to exchange notes so they knew information other missionaries knew. That was way awesome. We were able to find one girl who is 19. I think she is rebelling right now, but we are going to see if we can help her.

Miracle: Our less active that came to church last week also came to church this week and WE DIDN'T EVEN TELL/ INVITE HIM TO COME--- HE JUST DID IT!!! IT WAS SUCH A SHOCK to walk in and there he was.! Loved it so much!

This week we had a terrible ice freeze! The whole town shut down… except missionaries! We were slipping and sliding everywhere. Neither of us fell though, so that is real good.
We were kept safe!

Anyway, life is great here in the TLM. Love being a missionary. The church is so true!!!!!
Have a great week!

Sister Dawes

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