Monday, October 20, 2014

Brinne's Letter 10.20.14

Hello Everyone!

Today I am not really in the mood to write so here is a little something, something. --- We go volunteer at the nursing home every week for a little while. Well, there is an old lady there her name is Phoebe. She is 74 and she writes poetry all the time. She quotes it to us ALL the time. Well, this week she wrote a special poem for me :) Here it is! They call us " Miss...." instead of Sister. :( Whatever.

Miss Dawes is a young woman about town!
Always a smile and seldom a frown.
She is also very pretty
And can be quite witty.
Dear God, hold her heart
She is also very smart.
She is a friend to all
And helps us up in case we fall.
We love you,
Sister Phoebe

I have not yet helped anyone up, but incase that happens, at least I will be there.

T his week has been great. I am anxiously awaiting interviews tomorrow. I am so excited to be able to see P resident and Sister heap :) They are wonderful.

It's amazing how P resident teaches from the scriptures. I would love to be able to teach like him :) He is a man called of God.

I hope all is well at home and er' thing.!
W e are trying not to catch ebola lol :) Just kidding :) We are fine!!!!

So, sorry for the short letter! I loved seeing all the pics from home and for the way you sent the letter mom! I t was so fun to read it!!!!

T he church is so true!!!!

Sister Dawes :)

This week Sister Brunt felt prompted to go to a street. I felt prompted to knock on a door... and WHAM! WE MET DENNIS! I will let you know how that goes. We had a great lesson with him yesterday!!!

1-   Rosa is not a member (sad deal), but her family is. They are moving to Odessa today.
2-   This is the worst picture in the world. It is in Abernathy, a town close to Lubbock. It is of Christ on the cross, and on Easter and stuff they pump red blood though it.... :( Personally, I like focusing on the resurrected Savior.....
3-   Friendship puddle with Elder Ross :) adorbs
4-   Gem of a picture

These are a few pictures... I am just so bad at taking them.....

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