Monday, July 7, 2014

Pancho Loves Siski!!!

Well, this week was probably the longest week of my whole mission. I am not exactly sure why, but it was! Last week we spent A LOT of time contacting, and the fruits of that were wonderful!

Monday: We met a man named Jesus a couple of weeks ago. We have been trying to contact him for the past few weeks. Then when we caught him he told us to talk to his nephew, Pacose (pancho). Well, we said, “hi” then left. So, then last Sunday we were trying someone else that lives over there and we saw him so we talked to him. It was almost 9:00 so we said we will set up an appointment and come by tomorrow at 7. He said, "Okay, I want to marry a Mormon......... " “Well,” we said,  “We will talk more about that tomorrow". So we get to his lesson Monday. He is there waiting and 2 of his Spanish friends are there. So we start teaching. One Spanish friend doesn't speak English and he was trying to ask questions so we were like, “Hold on. We are going to call the SPANISH elders.” So the elders come. They take one of the Spanish men and talk to him (turns out he was drunk). Then we kept talking to Pancho and his friend Carlos... So as we were teaching Pancho kept gazing/ staring into Siskis eyes... My Mamma Bear just about came out in rage ‘cuz he was just looking so intently and romantically at her it was sick!!! Long story short, Pancho screamed across the parking lot, "I LOVE YOU" to Sister Ludwinksi when she was backing me up.... AWKWARD!!! Then he gave us a weird "bro-hug-". I never know what to do in those situations. So #pancholovessiski and we aren't teaching him anymore... But CARLOS! So amazing! As we were teaching the first lesson he listened and listened and he told us he was getting the shakes (how he feels the spirit). Then that night we were going to watch the restoration movie with Ayo and Ade at a member’s house and they just so happen to live at Carlos’s apartment. So he came to that and he is just so great!!!! We love him!!!! Please pray for that guy--- he is amazing.

Tuesday: So we had a packed day full of appointments! At 8:40 pm we had an appointment with Rudy. Long story short, it’s 9:30. (Totes curfew.) The spirit was great! We were like winding down inviting him to pray and guess who just so happens to be in Midland on the only day of my mission I am not home by 9:30???? That is right…. The AP'S .................... PALM TO THE FACE!!!  CRAP!!! DANG IT!!!!!!
They were here for our “Meet and Greet on Wednesday.

Wednesday: We got to meet President and Sister Heap. They are so lovely!!!!! I am so happy I have had the opportunity to have 1/2 my mission with the Augustin’s and now 1/2 with the Heaps. We will continue to do great things! Cool mission, the TLM, is the 2nd largest mission in the world.... CRAZY!!! IT IS A HUGE MISSION. WE SAW A MAP OF ALL THE MISSIONS AND YOU CAN TELL WHERE THE TLM IS!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

Thursday: We went and saw a recent convert, Chris- After he was baptized he got back into old habits and things like that so he has been struggling. Well, he had a stroke a couple of weeks ago (great time for turning point)! We went and talked to him. Had A GREAT DISCUSSION. (Before the lesson I prayed that Chris would be able to tell us what he needed.) So as we were talking I was holding a copy of The Book Of Mormon. I asked him, “Chris, what do you need....?” He said, "I need to read that book." I said, “Okay.... Well, I want you to read this book in 2 weeks. Can you do that?” He started to cry and said, "Yes".... Happy to report as of yesterday he has read 1/2 of the Book of Mormon. What I love the most, though, is I said, “Chris, you don't have to read the Book of Mormon to understand it..., but you just need to read it. (Completely by the spirit!)

Friday: Happy 4th of July!! We stopped working at 6:00. The sisters came over… we played Headbands and Skum and ate brownies. Then rearranged our apartment. Then went to bed :)

So that is a few highlights of this week!

Love y’all! Have a great week!!!

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