Monday, May 19, 2014

Brinne's A Mommy 5.19.14

Well.... it happened.... at 9:24 last night! We got a call we were NOT EXPECTING NOR WANTING... Sitting there minding our own business when the phone starts speaking and says, "Call from... Pres Augustin." Let’s just say we both died for a moment. Sister Christofferson took the lead in answering the call. First he talked to her alone and asked her if she would train a new sister. I was near in tears mostly because I was very sad. I knew if she was training I was heading out the door. And I was sad because I didn't want to be separated from my BFC Best and Favorite Companion. Then the tables turned.... He then asked to talk to me...... Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!! He said, "Sister Dawes, I am calling in behalf of the Lord. He has called you to be a trainer. Can you accept this call?" I said yes...and asked a few questions. He said the Assistants would be calling us later that night to give us details about who they are and where we will be. Well........ much later last night... actually early this morning at 1:00 Assistant Bucknum called and told me that I will be moving to Midland 3rd North area and I will be training Sister Ludwinski...(spelling is wrong so that is subject to change) I have no information on her, but I bet I will be meeting her tomorrow.... Sister Christofferson will be staying here in Clovis and will be training Sister Christianson..... Therefore,... we are BOTH MOMS!!!!!
(Refer to pictures)

Although I am stressing the crap out… I am surprisingly calm. I am so sad I am leaving Sis Crist but excited to be able to teach a sister and help her love her mission. I know my knees will be used a lot more this transfer, and I am so excited for that. This will be a great learning time for me, and I am so honored the Lord has found me worthy enough to assist in teaching a new missionary. Oh how great the Lord is..... let’s just say... I was not expecting that.... This is all I am saying today. Sorry for the short letter, but I have President to write!!!! :)
Love y’all… Next email will be from MIDLAND, TX!!!!
Sis Daw

a.k.a Mamadaw (I'm gonna make it work :) 

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