Monday, April 14, 2014

Brinne Letter 4.14.14

Well, we will start off to just saying- I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for keeping my family safe. And for allowing my dream to come true..... I HAVE A SPARDETTE SISTER!!!

This week has been one of greatness! It started out with Monday Sister Scott packing to head to Lubbock and goodbyes (transfers are so much nicer when it's not you moving).

Tuesday at 8:00 am we started our trip to Lubbock to drop off Sister Scott and pick up Sister Christofferson--- (we call her Sis.Crist). Saying goodbye was not easy, but I got a new ball of sunshine as a companion... Let’s just say Sis. Crist and I are like the same person!!! She reminds me so much of my friends at home!!! We laugh all day, all night, and all day some more!!!! After Elder Barns got to talk to Sis. Crist for the first the first thing he asked was... "Was this revelation or a mistake???!!!!!" We can truly say THE LORD LOVES US AND APPERENTLY SOMEONE IS GOING TO NEED OUR OUTGOING PERSONALITIES!!!!! I hope I am with her for many a transfer!!

Well, let’s get to the good stuff!!!

James McDonald entered the waters of baptism an April 12 at 6 P.M. When he got out of the water he told us his chest was just so warm and so full and just so big! He had a great service. On Sunday morning he had a meeting with the Bishop where he was found worthy to be ordained to have the Aaronic priesthood. So during sacrament he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost, and during priesthood he was given the Aaronic priesthood!!! He then volunteered to go with the boy scouts on a campout this week!!! And yesterday we went and started "The New Member Lessons." So we role-played with him how to be a good member present and he was about to go out with the elders last night!!! THEY SAID HE WAS THE BEST MEMBER and that he bore the most short, powerful testimonies!!!!! It is so amazing to see people come unto Christ!!! I can't even explain how much joy it brings me to see a happy man become even more happy!!! To see a blessed man be even more blessed!!! And next week I will get to witness him prepare the sacrament!!!! I love my mission and I can't imagine how the Lord feels when a soul comes back to Him!!!!

Next week Jeff Blaylock will be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! He is a part member family! And was very, very anti 4 years ago. But the Lord softened his heart and now he is ready!!! THE GOSPEL BLESSES LIVES AND THE LORD CHANGES HEARTS!!!!!

Anyway, I just want everyone to know this Easter season, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I love being a representative of Him. I am so grateful my name gets to be next to His every day and that I get to testify of him and of his love. I know this gospel is true. These things I know...

Have such a wonderful week!!!
Love, Sister Dawes

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  1. So love reading your letters Brinne and you are like the cutest sister missionary ever!