Monday, April 28, 2014

Brinne's Letter 4.28.14

Well, this week has been such a great week!!!!
It kills my heart to think that this transfer is nearly over and I am on week 4! I love my companion so much and the thought of being moved kills me!!! So let’s all join in prayer that Sis Crist and I stay 4 more transfers together!!!! :) Thanks for you support!!!

Monday started with just a heart warming, "Hey Sister Dawes, remember when you were a missionary and you have blessed lives." Monday, Candice Seivert told me about how much she appreciates me and how much I have changed her life. She was a less active 8 weeks ago, but since I got here she has come to church every week and brings her kids :) And her husband’s heart is softening :) Tonight we have a lesson with him about the temple because Candice is preparing to go :) And she wants to do it in Utah :) in a year so I CAN BE THERE!!!!! :) EKKK I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!  

Tuesday we had a great/ difficult lesson with Miss Beverly- more to come with that, but eekk that one was hard! She is the great lady that wants to know the truth.. but remember when there was an apostasy and how people took Jesus’ perfect gospel and changed it and how meanings of things got changed... well... she can "speak in tongues... and it is awk!

I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!!!! Isn't the new movie wonderful!!! Wow, it just blew my mind!!!!! It was amazing!!! While in the temple I was praying for each of our investigators. And in my mind I just kept thinking of Miss Beverly and don't give up on her, don't give up on her. So we are not going to be giving up on Miss Beverly anytime soon. :) It was such a great experience. AHHH I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL I GET TO GO WEEKLY!!! AND DO MY OWN FAMILY HISTORY!!! SO GREAT!!!!

Thursday we had a very awkward hard lesson with Jeff. It is true that Satan never sleeps and he can take over lives :( Jeff went through a hard patch and I have never been more grateful for members ever. Luckily, he has some great fellowship who really care about him and they were able to help him get out of the rut he was in.. so good new so come :)

Friday... was on of those days where NOTHING goes through. It was a difficult day. So on a funny note...
We were at a less actives house (only lesson that went through) and we were teaching outside. This less actives sister, COCO, drives up and gets out of the car holding a box. Willie (a friend) asks, "OHH OHH OHH WHATS THE BOX FILLED WITH." Coco responds, "Your accomplishments in life.. so it's empty." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA BEST REPONCE I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!!! I LAUGHED FOR QUITE A FEW MOMENTS!

Saturday: We had dinner at a member home- let’s set the scene for you with a little background first: Sis Crist HATES VEGGIES LIKE HATES HATES HATES. Second: WE BOTH DO NOT LIKE SEA FOOD!!!!!! So we get to the members home. We are talking then this sister goes into the kitchen and brings out this casserole dish full of SHRIMP AND VEGGIE STIR FRY!!!! I am happy to report I ate all of the shrimp and all the veggies. And Sis Crist ate all of her veggies and ate 3 shrimps... PROUD SR. COMPANION RIGHT HERE!! When we left the house and got in the car we just started to die of laughter! It was great! And the only way to be able to redeem and sooth our bellies was to go to Bahamma Bucks and got us snow cones... I GOT MT. DEW FLAVOR-- NO CAFFEINE -- SO IT WAS TOTES NOT APOSTATE!!!!!!!!!! BAM YES!!!!!!

Sunday: Oh Sunday. From our lesson with Jeff previously in the week we didn't think he would be ready to do the sacrament, but when we got there he was sooo chipper and so happy and he blessed the sacrament and let’s just say Sister Dawes cried and cried and cried!!! It was the best thing to hear all the words-- and he did it perfectly!!!!!!  

This morning we got word that our bathroom is going to be taken apart and a new floor will be put in, so we are out of the bathroom. We live in the same complex as the elders so the land lady told us y’all are just going to have to go shower and get ready down in the boys house............................................. yea that isn't going over well............ Luckily we have a great senior couple in charge of housing units and he is taking that matter into his own hands... :)

Anyway, Love y’all so much!!!!!
Now you have such a great week!!!!!!

Can you believe I am almost 1/2 way done with my mission??? This is an awkward thing to think about!!!



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