Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plainview Texas 8.18.14

Well hello everyone!

      Wow, it has been a great week :) I am so happy to be here in Plainview! I have a feeling I will be finishing my mission out here :) Most sisters that come to this area stay for generally 7 months. This area got sisters a year ago, and since then, it has just boomed!!! So many great things- I am in a branch. There are 10 pages of names on the ward roster! And the majority of the members are less-actives...

     Less-actives are my favorites! When I was in Midland, I prayed to Heavenly Father that He would send me some less-actives to love. Well, Heavenly Father does answer prayers :)

We have an amazing teaching pool! Plainview covers a lot of outlying towns. So, the other day we were in a little town called Floydata at a less actives house (I'm going to love her so much-- she is amazing!) We were near the end of our conversation and I had this feeling almost like a baby heart attack (the spirit) saying, Sister Dawes, you need to go see -(can't remember his name-- he was a potential).” So we weren't done and I said, "I'm so sorry, but the Spirit is telling me that we need to go see so-and-so. Can we say a prayer please."

We prayed and we went to his house. He wasn't there, so we looked around--- across the street was a park, and sitting on a bench was a young man. We went up and started talking to him. This conversation went on for 40 min probably.  We ended up setting a bap date. He seemed legit. He was supposed to come to church. We called the phone number he gave us. It was for his sister’s phone. She said he was gone for the month? It was weird, and whereas we live 30 min away from Floydata would y’all help by praying that we can come in contact with Ryan.. I know we were supposed to find him that day :) The Spirit is amazing!!!!

There is so much hope for this little town. It reminds me of home so much. Lol. It looks like Castle Dale and functions like Price :) It's a lot of fun! There is a prophesy that in 20 years Plainview will be a stake :) So, that is probs the coolest thing ever:) Right now I get to be apart of making it a ward :) Pray that we find those elect here, be it investigators or less-active members. :)

The church is true!
Have a wonderful week :)

<3 Sister dawes

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