Monday, August 4, 2014

Brinne's Letter 8.4.14

What a week!!!
      Well, I have to be a little honest here. Wednesday was a HARD DAY for me..... It still doesn't seem real ,but my little brother is in the MTC..... WHAT!!! I think the most difficult thing was the fact that for the past 3 years for Family Home Evening we would always sing, "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" or "Families Can Be Together Forever." In my mind’s eye I always imagined going to the MTC to drop Derrick off..... And when I realized that I was on a mission and wouldn't get to participate in that activity my emotions took over. I did a lot of praying that day. Luckily, we were able to go over to a sister in the ward’s house and we were able to serve her for a little while, and I was able to get my mind off of it. I kept looking at my watch and thinking...., “10 min till he goes”...... “He is there,” “Shoot, he is probs eating dinner in the MTC,” “He has a companion!!! Eeekkk!” All of those thoughts were just overwhelming because I've been there- done that!!!!!! And wow... I can't wait to continue to get his letters because just from this one I can tell he is maturing so much!!! I hope you are sending him lots of letters in the MTC!!

Anyway, so biggest story of this week..... And I have to say I am so proud of Ski--- Also, transfer calls are next week FYI- so it might be good to send letters to the mission home… although I am pretty confident I am staying (might be training again... we will see)--- So, last week we contacted into a guy. We asked him if he had ever talked to missionaries before... He said, "Why yes... ACTUALLY I AM ONE!!!" Shoot dang! So we ask about his mission work. He goes to foreign places and builds churches and teaches people how to preach.... So that's great.... We asked when we could come back...... To make a long story short....BAD IDEA!

A few days later we have a lesson set up with him. However, only his wife is there...... Eeekkkkk!! Here is how it goes...: Her talking the whole time about grace then read us the story of Elijah and then prayed to God about the story of Elijah.... Best part of the whole "discussion", our member sat up straight and said... " These young woman are representatives of Jesus Christ, they embody him and everything he stands for. I admonish you to listen to them because I know their message is true...." BEST MEMBER OF MY LIFE AWARD??? I THINK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The woman didn't listen and kept on going, so basically Ski sat up and said something to the effect of..... “We are here to teach this. Are you willing to hear this message? Connie said, “No.”  Ski basically said, “Well then, our job here is done....” Connie still talked... It TOOK FOREVER TO GET OUT, but I was so proud of these 2 wonderful women!!! Wow, for as crazy of a lesson as it was… it was amazing......

So that is the story of this week.

On Saturday, Ski and I went to get blessings because we were needing them. Something really cool that Heavenly Father said to me was how privileged I am to be able to serve shoulder to shoulder with my brother! He encouraged us to write to each other to uplift and help each other!!!!!! So, DERRICK, HERE I COME! GOD COMMANDED IT SO YOU MUST DO IT!!!! :)

I love y’all so much! Have a great week!!!!

<3 Sister Dawes

P.S. SisSki's Mom sent a Popsicle Maker!!

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