Monday, February 10, 2014

Brinne's Letter for 2.10.14

Hello Friends and Family!

It's been such a fantastic week! 

For those that have prayed for our investigators, by name, thank you so much! Miracles really do happen :) 

HUGE NEWS FIRST! YESTERDAY IN CHURCH THEY SPLIT OUR WARD AND MADE A BRAND NEW WARD! So, I am not in the "Canyon West Ward." The work is hastening here in Lubbock! They are just splitting wards left and right! So many souls coming unto Christ! 

Here is an update on everyone! 

Christian sent us a text Saturday during weekly planning. Basically, she said she wants to stick with her current church. It breaks my heart to hear that because I sit and think, “Your parents kept you from the truth and now you’re not going to accept it into your life?” How sad! So we are no longer teaching Christian :( 

Deloris and Robert- We were able to have some very great lessons with them this past week. Deloris was able to get Sunday off.  However.... for some reason they didn't come. They wouldn't answer their phone yesterday morning and when their ride stopped by they didn't answer. So we went by last night and they didn't answer :( We will go by today. 

Denise- Yesterday we were waiting for her. Church started. We called –texted-- everything. Sacrament passed and we got this text. "Sisters, please don't be disappointed. I chickened out. I’ve not changed my mind. I got to the loop and Frankford and just went blank. I came back home to message you. And, I'm going to my farm to ride today. I'm so sorry-- weak me." 

We told her that it isn't too late and that she could still come. She told us that she had some questions. Everyone, please pray that we can help her get though her concerns. She has felt the spirit before but she needs help. Today we are going to go over to try and "break her iceburg" -- find out what the real problem is. When we got that text I started sobbing in church. Like real, legit alligator tears. That taught me that I really do love my investigators very much. Church is where they can grow the most. 

David Lacy- (I can't remember who I tell y’all about.) David so great!!!! We have been able to have 2 lessons with him. He keeps saying he has "bad luck." Well, this church can help with that! Bring a little more happiness into it! We have promised him blessings. We committed him to come to church and he agreed. We found him a ride. So Sunday we were waiting for the ride and him to show up. At about 9:05 (church is at 9) we get a text from the ride saying they can't find his apartment number. I didn't know what to do, so I tried to explain it. I assumed they would give up and come to church. No joke--- after sacramen,t and after I read Denise’s text, and after I started to cry, Sister Turner SEES DAVID!!!!!!!!!!! After church we were able to talk to the ride and they said we just kept feeling "he's waiting for us!" "He's waiting for us!" Sure enough he was. They knocked once.
 "Are you david" 
"Are you ready to go to church" 

For David, his mind doesn't catch on to things super quickly! Pray that we can help him understand the promise he is making to the Lord! 

Don- I don't think I have told you much about Don... Maybe I have... idk. 
We have had like 2 lessons with him. The first one we couldn't find any sisters in the ward to come with us so we asked SISTER AUGUSTIN TO COME WITH US!!!!!! MISSION PRES WIFE!! EEKKKK!!! It was one of the most spiritual lessons.) Don has done an extreme amount of research about all the wrong things concerning Christianity. He has dissected the Bible and found how things are supposed to be run and how Christianity is corrupt. He has written a book and everything!!!!!! He is so great.... Then we 2 missionaries come along, 19 and 21, and rock his whole world and tell him that he is so right with everything that he has seen, and what not, then add to his knowledge, and now, seriously, that guy is the most prepared person I have ever met in my life! He came to a baptism and he said everything was done how it was supposed to-- NOTHING WRONG. HE CAME TO CHURCH! LOVED IT-- EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CRAZY WITH BOUNDRY CHANGES AND OUR STAKE PRESIDENT IS A FIST- PUMPING PULPIT- POUNDING KIND OF A GUY-- AND I WAS UNCOMFORTABLE! HE SAID EVERYTHING WAS DONE HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AND HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Please pray that he won't feel the need to read the whole book of Mormon to know it is true. Pray that he will accept a date. He is so great! 

I don't have time to tell you about Mitch, but he is a part member/ less active family. He is 23 and is looking for change. He needs this gospel. Pray that the family will be able to meet with us more than once a week! 

The gospel is so true, and I love it so much! Have such a great week!!!!!!! 

With so much love, 

Sister Dawes 

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