Monday, January 27, 2014

A new teaching pool....very shallow right now:(

Hello Everyone! Weekly report! 

It has been such a great week! Last Monday we spent most of our day cleaning our apt.! Very fun!!!!!! 

Well, I really don't have much to say- Here is what we have been doing for the past week really!!! We have been visiting every former and every less active in our area......!!!!!! We did that most of Saturday, and we were able to take off quite a few names from our potential list.!!!!! 
Our teaching pool is rather VERY SMALL: 
First on our list is Deloris- She was being taught by the elders, but we have only been able to see her once in the time we have been, we need to see her soon :( 

Next- Winnell- She was also being taught by the elders. Her main concern right now is that it would be too weird to change religions, so we are teaching her about the ONE true gospel with everything in it! In the lesson she just stopped and asked us, "Why when y'all come over I just start to cry? Simple answer, "Your heart is recognizing this from the pre-existence. What are you willing to do to keep that feeling around?" I really hope she is pondering on the question and answer because it will change her life! 

Next one-- and most stressful- amazing one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
LORI THE MUSLIM-- So Lori is not the typical Muslim- She grew up catholic, but when she was 18 she hated the heaven and hell thing so she went to non-denominational. Then a few years later her and her husband (now ex) looked into Islam and they decided that they liked the "theology" of Islam, but she doesn't practice too much anymore. Like, they don't eat pork, but she doesn't pray the prayers, and I guess in 2011 she had a neighbor who was Mormon and had 4 kids. Lori has 4 kids so they hit it off and LORI LOVES MORMONS! LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, MORMONS!! SHE CONSIDERS HERSELF LIKE 1/2 MORMON… SHE TRIES TO RAISE HER KIDS LIKE MORMON KIDS AND SHE TRIES TO DO EVERYTHING MORMONS DO BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO HAVE THE SAME LIFE AS US BASICALLY.... HER ONLY HOLD UP and a HUGE hold up with that is............. She doesn't believe that Jesus is the Christ......So we are working with that.... She has been meeting with missionaries for almost 3 years. After we got out of her house sister Turner and I looked at each other and were like, “WOW....We have our work cut out for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lori wants us to come over and teach her kids about the Book of Mormon stories and relate the stories to their lives and what not. So we are going to kind of do that, but we are going to figure out why she doesn't believe in Christ.... So if anyone has ideas we are going to be fasting and praying to know how to help her.!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO EXITED TO TEACH THIS FAMILY! We know ultimately she needs to have a spiritual experience with the Savior! So that is what we are going to try to do!!! Anyway ,that is about it! 
I have been fighting a cold, so I haven’t been feeling 100%-- but fighting though! Hopefully I am at the tail end of it!!!! 

I love you all!

Have such a great week!!! 

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